Bathroom Upgrades You Won’t Regret Getting


When people talk about bathroom upgrades, they often think about big and expensive changes. A good example of this would be a complete overhaul of your current bathroom. But you don’t have to go that far to get good results.

Here are some quick and affordable changes that will have a great effect on your bathroom:

Install a Shower Door

For many people, the main barrier that separates the shower area from the main bathroom is a thin shower curtain. The problem with that is it does nothing to prevent the water from seeping out while you’re showering. Installing high-quality glass shower doors in Provo and other nearby areas allows you to better protect the rest of your bathroom from getting wet. If you have the skill, you can even install everything yourself.

Have a Storage Area

If there is anything that will help clean up your bathroom, it is a small area for everything. This might be a simple medicine cabinet or something similar. This allows you to store a variety of items like a shaving kit, toothpaste, and more. Instead of having everything scattered around the sink. You can even throw in a towel rack so that you can hang some things on it.

Change the Lighting

A dark bathroom is not a great experience. You need good lighting to do all of the things you do in a bathroom. After all, you don’t want to hurt yourself shaving. If possible, you want natural light to be your light source. But not everyone enjoys a bathroom with external wall access. In replacement, get some of the best light sources available on the market. LED lights are a good choice since they last a long time and produce more natural light.

Do Some Painting

Another way to lighten things up in your bathroom is to do some painting. It can be surprising how effective a few dollar cans of paint can be when it comes to changing the look of your bathroom. Don’t assume that it is going to be easy though. You’ll have to properly coat everything and you might need to be delicate in some areas so that the paint doesn’t splash everywhere. Additionally, you might want to apply some satin finish afterwards to protect the layer of paint from mold and mildew.

Bathroom interiors

Choose the Right Tile

The most important part of bathroom décor is choosing the right tile for your flooring. This is important since tile, once installed, can be very hard to replace. Don’t go for standard tile choices either. They can be pretty boring and this is your bathroom. Look for a tile that you like and that can last for some time.

Don’t limit the tiles to the floor either. You can choose to have it go up the walls as a backsplash. Finally, don’t hesitate to get some waterproofing for your tile considering the amount of water that spills on it.

Bathroom upgrades may not be as sexy as kitchen upgrades, but they can be as useful. With only minor changes, your bathroom can be more relaxing. It helps that all the improvements will definitely increase your home’s value. Make the right choice and invest in as many of these additions as possible.

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