Recruitment Marketing Strategies Every HR Manager Should Know

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Talent acquisition is not just about hiring the best people; it’s also about letting them know why your organization is worth working for.  Unless you’ve invented, or are offering something completely new, chances are the number of businesses like yours is constantly growing. This means that you have competition not just for customers but for top talents as well.

As a result, the hiring process today doesn’t simply revolve around what a potential employee could contribute to an organization, but also what that organization can give the potential employee that other businesses can’t. With job seekers always on the lookout for better job offers, this concept of recruitment marketing is the new norm.

If talents keep slipping from your grasp, you need to ensure that your organization’s recruitment marketing efforts work. Below, we’ve outlined a few techniques to try.

1. Build a Solid Brand

According to a 2018 LinkedIn report, 75 percent of job seekers research an organization’s reputation before applying for a job. If a company has a bad reputation, 69 percent would rather be jobless than accept a job offer there. These show that building a solid employer brand is one of the best ways to attract top talent.

To build a brand that people want to be a part of, it’s important to focus on how you’re presenting your organization to the world. This can mean polishing your website and using its blog features to show off company culture. Google, for example, has a dedicated blog about what it’s like working for them, covering topics like employees’ experiences and how the company addresses pay equity. These little glimpses into an organization’s culture can be effective in letting potential employees know that the company will take care of them.

2. Make Candidate Experience Pleasant

In a study about the pain points candidates face while applying for jobs, 60 percent of job seekers report having a poor experience. Among them, 72 percent shared that bad experience online. These show how easy it is to turn off a pool of talents with one bad candidate experience. So, keep in mind that acquiring top talent begins even before someone applies for a position.

Make sure that you draft straightforward and easy-to-understand job descriptions before using a talent acquisition software like SkillFuel and posting your job vacancies online. Summarize the role and the qualifications a candidate must have, as well as highlight the exciting parts of the job. Dedicate a section for FAQs and make sure the potential applicant has a way to reach out for further questions.

3. Redefine Employee Referrals

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The number one way people discover a new job is through referrals. According to LinkedIn, employee referrals are the top source for quality hires and companies can expand their talent pool 10 times by recruiting this way.

To make an employee referral system work for your company, make sure to market it to your current employees the right way. Redefine qualifiers; for example, rewarding employees not just for a successful referral but for a referral that became a top performer. Things like this can encourage your current talent pool to refer more of the best people, which is a win for your organization.

Hiring top talent isn’t easy. But with good recruitment marketing strategies, it’s not impossible to find the best people for your organization.

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