What You Should Outsource When Hosting a Corporate Event

corporate event

Corporate events and meetings are a necessity. About 1.9 million of them take place in any given year. Yours could be one of them.

To ensure that your corporate events are a success, you need to stay in control. But that does not mean that you should do everything on your own. There are items and activities that you can outsource for that special day. Here are some of them:

   1. Catering services

Now is the time to hire a reputable catering company in Oakland. Unless you are in the food industry, and cooking is part of your core business operations, it makes more sense to outsource catering tasks.

Catering services cost anywhere from $25 to $145 per guest depending on how fancy you want things to be. But these costs are less than what it would cost you to do everything in-house. That’s because you might have to start from scratch. You have to buy ovens, cookers, refrigerators, freezers, crockery, and cutlery. Yet you will only need to use things on rare occasions.

So hiring a reputable company that already has all the equipment and supplies that they need will save you money in the long term.

   2. Event venue

Can your business offices accommodate all the people that you would like to invite for your corporate events? If that is not possible, then it is a good idea to rent an event venue.

You can rent a venue that fits all your needs. Consider the number of guests that you want to invite, the event theme, the amenities near the venue, the parking space, etc. These will determine which facility you should choose. Your guests need to be comfortable in every way. Your company would make a very poor impression on them if you chose a venue that wasn’t big enough or lacked necessities like enough bathrooms for everyone. Your brand will suffer.

   3. Sound equipment

sound system

How often do you organize large meetings? That’s something you should ponder on before buying sound equipment to make your corporate event a success. They include cables, microphones, speakers, DJ systems, adaptors, screens, and projectors, etc.

It will not make financial sense for you to buy this equipment if you almost never need it on a large scale. Some companies rent out sound equipment. Others will even provide an emcee and DJs as part of their rental packages. So instead of buying these things, rent them. Once the event is over, you don’t even need to remove anything. The equipment rental company will do all that. And you would have enjoyed the benefit of their technical expertise.

   4. Event planning

If you don’t have any employees who do not want to take part in organizing your corporate event, don’t force anyone. After all, they still have their regular jobs to do. What you can do instead is hire an event coordinator. The average cost of hiring one ranges from $40 to $250 an hour.

The good thing about hiring an event coordinator is that they have industry connections. They know the best vendors to work with. Their expertise will enable everyone in your company to continue operating efficiently without worries about the event.

When planning a corporate event, you need to be careful not to do too much. Staying in control is important. But so is being able to concentrate on your core business operations and saving money. That is why it is wise to outsource some things. So take the time to determine which tasks you should outsource to increase efficiency.

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