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Surveys are the heroes of political reforms and businesses. How so? It started back in 1824 when surveys were first commissioned to weigh the public’s interest for the upcoming presidential elections. Since then, surveys have become a staple in our lives, measuring the efficacy of government policies and customer satisfaction. Simply put, there is no better way to understand your customers than get to know their preferences through surveys.

Understand Why Some Visitors Decided to Leave Without Purchasing

Your website survey tools should prioritize finding out why some web visitors browsed your site without taking any action. Many visitors will be redirected from an ad or a shared post by a friend. They’ll browse through the home page and product pages, but not make any meaningful move to purchase. Some of them may add items to the cart but not proceed to check them out. This is called cart abandonment.

You want to find out why these customers did not choose to make a purchase. What didn’t they like about your site? What stopped them from purchasing the items they had already put in the cart? Did they not like the store? Didn’t they find what they are looking for? You have to know the reasons they find it uninteresting to continue browsing your website. This way, you can make the appropriate changes.

Gauge Customer Satisfaction

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Happy customers are the best advertisement to grow your sales and profit. When your customers are happy, there’s a good chance they’ll recommend your business to their peers. But how do you know that they were satisfied? Even if they bought items from your eCommerce store, this is not indicative of their satisfaction. You have to ask them to fill out a survey a few days after they have bought an item. That gives them enough time to use the items and decide whether or not they are happy with it.

Even big stores such as Amazon conduct surveys to find out more about what makes their customers happy. The buck doesn’t stop there. You have to analyze their answers. You have to make better decisions in the future so that they will be loyal customers to your brand.

Know What Next Product You Should Release

As with any business, you should continually update your product line. What are your plans for the future? What kind of products do you want to release? Are these the products your customers are looking for? Conducting market research will help you understand your customers’ preferences better. Will they find any use for the new product? Who will better benefit from these products and services?

You can target your customers either through an email or an onsite survey. Asking the right questions takes a lot of time. You need to make better use of your time because the wrong questions won’t give you the results you’re seeking.

Surveys can get you to the bottom of why you’re not selling enough products and services. They’ll also give you an insight into your buyers’ preferences and figure out how to reach out to them. The results of the surveys can guide you in creating a buyer persona for your market, too.

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