Understanding the Stress and Depression That Parents of Children with Autism Go Through

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It is not easy to be a parent. It is even more difficult if you’re a parent to someone with physical or mental disabilities. There are still joyous moments, of course. Autism cannot take the joy of parenthood from you. But there are moments, too, when we struggle. Parents of children with autism worry about the past, the present, and the future.

Worse, they need to find affordable ABA therapy in New York or other cities. They worry about the lack of government support. They get anxious about who’s going to take care of their children when something happens to them. Try as they might, they cannot find the reason their children turn out the way they are.

Reasons for Depression and Anxiety

These ill-feelings about inadequacies can lead to stress and depression. Parents of children with autism try to find the reason their kids have turned out that way. Was it something they did? Was it something they didn’t do? It is unfair to blame one’s self, but this is the path that most parents take when something happens to their children.

On top of these questions, they also worry about the present. What can they do to help their kids? Are they doing enough? How can they afford their needs? Is the government supporting therapy programs enough?

And what about the future? Who will take care of the kids when something happens to you? If one survives, will they be able to support the children on their salary alone? And then here’s another truth that hurts: People with autism die younger than the average person. There is a huge possibility that as parents, you are going to outlive your children. This is something you need to face.

Children with autism are usually anti-social. As a parent, it may be hard for you to understand why your child doesn’t want to be held. While you see other parents cuddling and canoodling with their kids, your child may not even want you beside them. There are tantrums, too. They may have frequent tantrums compared to the average child. This kind of behavior makes taking care of them quite exhausting.

These are the bad times. There are good times, too, when they kiss you on the cheek. But yes, it gets tiring. It’s okay to say that.

Helping Parents of Children with Autism

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What these parents need is a listening ear. They need someone to listen to them and not judge them. They need people who can help them raise their children. They say that it takes a village to raise a kid. This is true, especially for children with autism. Parents are often left alone to fend for themselves. All their efforts, money, and resources go to the kids. The parents suffer, too.

You can ask to take your child off their hands for the day. You can drive them to support group sessions. You can even run some errands for them. You can do a lot of things for parents of children with autism. But the most important probably is to listen to their woes. That’s all they really need—the support of their loved ones.

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