Streamlining the Hiring Process Gets You Closer to Your Dream Candidates

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Startups and established companies should look at the amount they spend trying to hire people and wonder how to reduce the cost. Every year, businesses are losing thousands of dollars in the recruitment process. Not only do they have to spend time and money assessing candidates, but they also accumulate backlogs. Can you imagine a week without your accountant? It’s a catastrophe.

The same can be said when you’re filling up tradesman staffing positions. You will exhaust your resources trying to find skilled workers who can deliver the output you expect. This is why companies need to streamline their hiring processes. Saves cost? Yes! Reduces backlogs? Yes! Makes your other employees more productive? Definitely!

Be Specific with Your Requirements

Sometimes, the most efficient way of streamlining the hiring process is by looking at how you define your job requirements. You can filter out unqualified candidates by being specific with the location, job requirements, and other criteria. This will get some of the prequalification assessment done for you. It will also save your candidates’ time because they won’t have to apply for job positions they are not qualified for.

Use an Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a great tool to weed out your candidate pool. These systems are designed to do all the work for you, provided that your budget can afford it. Their basic task is distributing job postings to different websites. They can also contact potential candidates. More advanced features include sifting through the candidates’ profiles to find the best ones for the job openings. These systems can also eliminate candidates based on customized keywords.

Consider Phone or Video Interviews

Why waste time doing a face-to-face interview if you aren’t sure that this candidate is the right one for you? For the initial interview, you can do a 15-minute phone or video interview. That will save both of you time and money. You can learn a lot about a person via a phone call. It will help you determine whether the candidate is the right person for the job. You can ask about their qualifications, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. You can also discuss some of the duties and responsibilities of the job, allowing potential candidates to assess their skills and abilities.

Make the Application Easy and Mobile-friendly

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Do you know that one out of every five applicants will spend 10 to 15 minutes on a job application before dropping out? Although a majority of candidates will spend time assessing the job posting, it doesn’t work for everyone else. You could be losing an opportunity to hire qualified candidates because the application process is too arduous and time-consuming.

How about allowing candidates to apply via their mobile phones? You can create an app where potential candidates can send in their resumes, answer questions, and get offered a contract. The app can even be the platform for the onboarding process.

Streamlining the hiring process will allow great talent to find your company. Many companies inadvertently use their complicated hiring process to discriminate and isolate candidates. If you want to have a great pool of candidates, making sure that it’s easy to apply for a job in your company should be your priority.

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