Understanding the Importance of Testing Your Network for Vulnerabilities

To pinpoint and expose threats in your networks, systems, and network devices, penetration testing in Australia is what you need. Experts will do their best to identify possibilities before an intrusion takes place.

It's important that you know how to manage your networks effectively and avoid issues that can give you a headache.

The Essence of Pen Test

Before anything else, this is noteworthy to understand what makes network pen test so useful to a lot of users.

  • Intelligently bringing about susceptibilities
  • Dodging the cost of a network interruption
  • Accomplishing regulatory requirements and preventing fines
  • Protect corporate integrity and retain customer loyalty

The Help You Can Gain From Pen Test Professionals

Cybercriminals have numerous ways to attack a network. That said, it’s crucial to find the best penetration testing provider near you. They can provide bespoke services to suit your network needs. Knowing the right approach can help you to protect your business adequately. There are five methods to evaluate networks, such as the following:

1. Network Service Tests

A network service test is the most popular type of testing that most businesses are looking for, as it helps in determining the gaps in the network infrastructure. Since there are internal and external access points involved in a network, it makes sense to check both the client-side and the outer world.

2. Web Application Tests

This is a more detailed type of testing that involves checking certain elements, such as the following:

  • ActiveX
  • Applets
  • Plug-ins
  • Scripts
  • And the like

Web applications are continuously evolving. That said, a web application test is a never-ending process to check for potential threats.

3. Client-Side Tests

The aim of this test is to spot security vulnerabilities that exist locally. In other words, if your programmer is utilizing OSS or open-source software, it has to be tested to ensure that locally developed tools or applications won’t pose a threat to the network. Others are using third-party tools, and they should also be screened for you to be on a safer side.

4. Wireless Network Tests

This test focuses on two aspects:

  • Protocols used for configuring wireless
  • Access points for wireless setup

Aside from those two, a wireless network test monitors devices that are connected on the client-side, such as the following:

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops / Notebooks
  • iPods
  • Smartphones
  • And any electronic devices utilizing the wireless access

Laptop and smartphones

5. Social Engineering Tests

This test can be done in two methods:

  • Remote Test: The tester uses electronic means to test the possibility of the employee of the company to give out confidential information.
  • Physical Test: The tester conducts direct contact with the employee to test the probability of the employee to divulge confidential information.

Attempting to evaluate the security of your IT infrastructure is crucial, as there are numerous threats that exist in operating systems, web services, and applications. With the help of professionals, application flaws, improper configurations, or uncertain and unscrupulous end-user behavior can be prevented. Experts can help you obtain efficient defensive mechanisms that your networks need for continued business operation and success.

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