Understanding Australia’s Fires: Protecting Your Family and Home

Protecting Your Family and Home

Australia is known not only because of its great, dry outback but also because of its large devastating fires that impact wildlife and disrupt people’s livelihood. Understanding how these fires start is one thing; protecting your loved ones and your home is another matter that is worth discussing.

Fires, particularly wildfires, are common in some parts of Australia. These fires have been a great part of significant human developments since the first Western settlers arrived in the country. Australian migration, people’s way of life, including customs and traditions, are said to have been molded by these fires. Although these fires acted as catalysts for change, they remain one of the most destructive forces known to man.


Australia’s Fire Hazards

The country’s approximately 7.7 million square kilometers of land is home to various fire hazards. These hazards range from highly combustible house materials, flammable liquids, dry bush and forest areas, and many other things that can fuel a fire.

Several fire services in various states, including New South Wales and Victoria, have a list of possible fire hazards. They also implement different measures that aim to reduce the risks and the damage stemming from the fire.

From Man-Made to Spontaneous Fires

Artificial wildfires, which are commonly caused by carelessness, pose a more significant threat than naturally-occurring wildfires. Authorities previously reported that most of the wildfires that occurred in the country were the result of accidental causes. Instead of lightning strikes or spontaneous combustion, lit cigarettes, left out campfires, or faulty electrical wirings cause these accidental fires. These previous incidents are evidence that many Australians lack the basic understanding of how fires start.

Although both man-made and spontaneous wildfires cause the same devastation, artificial fires break the natural course of the environment as they disrupt both flora and fauna in a specific area. In addition, several homes and lives may perish due to the careless actions of a few individuals.

Accidental wildfires and bush fires are preventable incidents. You can save not only human and animal lives but also money. Every household or individual must have basic knowledge of fire fighting tools and preventive measures. Australia is one of the countries that take these things seriously.

 Protecting Your Family and Home

Protecting Your Family and Your Home

As you go through understanding how both artificial and natural wildfires start, you will also think of ways to protect yourself, your family, and your property. Fire fighting trailers in Australia are readily available. You can either build or buy yours. Equipping your home with fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and sprinklers, as well as removing highly flammable products inside and outside your home and making a fire plan, are among the many things you can do to protect what matters to you.

Aside from the fire fighting tools and fire prevention measures, arming yourself with basic fire knowledge, carrying out fire simulations, and mapping out high-risk fire areas are some of the steps that would help in protecting your family and your community. It’s always best to stay safe and ready for any catastrophe.

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