A Romantic Weekend Road Trip Without Leaving Wisconsin

Everyone needs a vacation. The promise of eventually having one is enough to motivate you to go through the mundanity of life. However, life can get too busy. 24 hours doesn’t seem enough to sleep properly, work in the office, go to dinner with your partner, do the chores and other necessary errands. Taking a long-term break from this never-ending routine can be difficult for various reasons.


Sometimes, all you need is a quick escape. Whether you’re a couple who only has the weekend off or a pair who’s looking for a new way to spend the weekend, going on a road trip within the state of Wisconsin can be enough to make you feel renewed.

Here is a guide on how to prepare and what to expect from your intra-state road trip:


  1. Think of safety.

First things first: Safety. Before you pack your bags, check the weather report and make sure that the weather will permit you to have a leisurely drive on the roads of Wisconsin. Review your automobile insurance— its validity and coverage, in case an unforeseen accident takes place on the road. 


Drive safely. Time is not chasing you. Road trips are meant to be free from an itinerary with a fixed destination and schedule. Also, remember that a loved one will be inside the car with you.


  1. Create a playlist.

This is one of the most exciting parts of a road trip. You can take turns listening to each other’s playlist, giving you the chance to know each other more. If you’re a couple who has been together long enough, your playlist most probably contains songs that only your partner knows you listen to and songs that connote an inside joke.


Couple looking at phone

Years from now, when you hear the song again, you can look back to the time when you were in the car with your partner, off to someplace in Wisconsin, and all was well.


  1. Pick your destinations.

There is a piece of Wisconsin for every type of lovers. You can have an adventurous camping trip in Elkhart Lake or check-in for a staycation at a chic boutique hotel in Eau Claire.


There are so many options for couples, which means spending only a weekend is not enough if you want to visit every village and city. You have to choose the perfect destination that will address your current needs to feel new and whole again.


  1. Fulfill your cravings.

The best part of a road trip, which you will all agree, is stopping over for some popular most craved food. You can share a roesti and cheese fondue with your partner as you take in the Chalet-style storefronts of New Glarus. Or munch on some piping hot cheese curds at Milwaukee while taking in the comforting buzz inside the bar.


And seriously, road trip also entails grabbing junk food from your stopovers and sharing it with your partner. There are drive-thrus and convenience stores around, but remember to bring water and light snacks in case you get hungry… five minutes into the trip.


You deserve that weekend off to be with your partner, within the comforts of your car, telling stories and creating new ones. Say yes. 

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