Turning Ripples into Waves: Simple Gestures with a Great Impact

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When it comes to treating your fellow human, sometimes it can be better to be kind than to be right. You really cannot tell if another person is harboring serious problems or just wallowed in negative thoughts. So whether you are a student learning more about the world or a seasoned bankruptcy attorney who has great knowledge of the law, you should give others some leeway if ever you see them being on their “off” day. They may just need to start building up positive momentum, so they can go by and finish the rest of their day. Getting a much-needed rest could make their tomorrow a better one.

Simple acts of kindness are kind of a misnomer because such things could go a long way. You will never know how much you will affect another person when you do good deeds to help them out.


The reality about the world is that its riches and resources are not really distributed evenly. That is an issue that the common folk face each day, and something that they sadly do not have much control over. What is important though is to have the drive to earn a living. But you can still find people struggling even at the stage where they have to find work. Some of them just need that extra push to get them over to the next stage. Maybe they need new clothes, so they can look nice when they go from one office to another to attend scheduled interviews or money for travel fare. If you have a generous heart, giving them the items they need would go a long way. You will never know if the person you gave your money or clothes will become a high-ranking manager or executive of a company.


Sharing Knowledge and Wisdom

There is the saying that it is better to teach someone to fish than give them one. This bodes well even today. Opportunities do not come easy, and it is best for people to learn how to go through the right process rather than give them rewards on their laps. Sharing your knowledge and wisdom will be a better gift because they will be equipped with tools that allow them to go through the more challenging phases of life. If you give them the silver spoon right away, you will be setting their expectations the wrong way. It might lead them to quit or struggle when faced with tougher adversities.


How often do you clean your own surroundings? If you do so very often, you are doing your neighbors a huge favor. You can also do simple acts wherever you go. There are people who can be so lazy that they just scatter their junk wherever they want to. That can lead to clogging of drainage, which can then lead to flooding. Contribute to preventing that by keeping small wrappers or useless objects in your bag or pocket if you cannot find a trash bin nearby. Being clean can also lead to health benefits. You may be beside someone who is recovering from an illness and requires an ideal environment. Keeping things tidy may just let them be on the road to recovery.

Do not underestimate the simple acts of kindness or good deeds that you do every day. They have a great impact on the world and to your fellow humans. Do not ever think that they will be for naught because others are getting benefits out of it. After all, helping out with all your heart means that you are not expecting something back. The reward is being able to carry out the act itself.

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