Things to Expect When Working in a BPO Company


Most people think that working in a call center means you are good in English and are used to work in graveyard shifts. Likewise, there is also this prevailing notion that call center agents earn a lot of money and did not finish a college degree. These are only some of the common perceptions of working in an Australian BPO in the Philippines.

While these might be true in many cases, this doesn’t mean that working in a call center is a dream. Like any job, being a call center agent also has ups and downs. From being a “shock absorber” of angry customers to rejected filed leaves, there are a lot of things you need to prepare for in case you are planning to work in a BPO company.

The truth about working in a BPO company

The question is whether you have what it takes to work as a call center agent? First of all, being a BPO employee is not limited to making and receiving calls. Being called a “call center agent” seems to be already outdated.

Instead, BPO employees can work under customer service, telesales, marketing, or troubleshooting. Some do mainly receive and make calls, while others work as “non-voice” or through chat to communicate with their customers. Nonetheless, working in a BPO company is no different from other companies – results matter the most at the end of the day.

Anyone can apply to a BPO company. Usually, these companies require the applicant to undergo a series of training in English, handling complaints, and other skills that the position needs. Expect to work in a fast-paced environment and manage multiple accounts.

It is also essential to take care of your health, primarily if you have a night-shift schedule. You might have heard horror stories about BPO companies not allowing their employees to call in sick. However, not all BPO companies are like that. There are still a lot of them that care for their employees by providing benefits and amenities.

More importantly, you can learn a lot if you work in a call center. First, you will learn how to deal with pressure and interact with different kinds of people. You develop your communication and problem-solving skills. You also have to have lots of patience and be able to control your emotions. All of these are essential factors to be effective and productive in this industry.

Work-from-home options

Woman working from home

While there are a lot of BPO companies all over the metro and in nearby provinces, there are also companies that provide work-from-home opportunities for their employees. This is an ideal work setting, especially for family-oriented individuals and others with special conditions.

You have to invest in a quality headset, a laptop or desktop with a stable Internet connection (at least 5mbps), and a microphone. If you are lucky, the company can provide you with those essentials. You will also be provided with training to make you more effective in your job.

There will always be misconceptions about working in a BPO company. But at the end of the day, results and the quality of work matter the most, regardless of your profession.

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