Office Equipment Is the Most Important Investment You’ll Make for Your Business


After you have placed a sizable amount of your savings into starting up your own business, the next big purchase is the office furniture and equipment. Many small businesses make the mistake of cutting corners when buying office equipment. But a survey by Microsoft shows that 93% of millennials believe that modern technology and equipment are the most important aspects of the workplace.

Telephone System

In case you’re still wondering, you should invest in VoIP handsets from the UK or other countries. A VoIP phone can do anything a regular phone can do. Yes, people communicate via the Internet and mobile phones right now. Barely do people use the landline to call businesses and friends. But here’s the thing: the older generation—the Baby Boomers—are still using their landline phones.

If your business is targeting this particular demographic, having a telephone system is an integral component of your company. Besides, most Internet services can be bundled with a landline or VoIP phone. You just have to choose the package and services that your business needs.


Man in front of his computer

Don’t try to scrimp on software and go with unreliable ones. Yes, other brand-name software programs are expensive. But they have a good reason they are priced that way. Their developers update the programs regularly to make sure that there are no bugs or viruses. They follow Internet protocols. They are also up to date.

Take a look at online backup services. Your data needs to be protected. Cloud services are a great way to ensure that your data is secure from any uncontrollable factors.

Multi-functional Printers

Get a printer that can print, scan, fax, and do many other things. Make sure that it can be used wirelessly, too. Nobody in your office wants to tinker with cables anymore. That’s so 1990s. Although many offices are trying to go paperless, there are still important documents that need to be printed and scanned.


You can strike a deal with a smartphone provider and get phones for your employees. This way, they won’t have any reason not to answer your calls or text messages. They can access office data and files through this phone, too. But a word to the wise: allow your employees to leave these office-assigned smartphones in the office when they go home. You shouldn’t bother them at home unless it’s an emergency.

Paper Shredders

It’s therapeutic to shred documents and files. But much more than that weird feeling you get when you watch the shredder do its job, it’s also important for businesses to keep things confidential. Your employees and clients need their files to remain private. These documents can get into the wrong hands when thrown in the garbage can, so make sure that the contents are illegible.

Investing in office equipment will cost you a couple of thousands of dollars. But remember that this is a one-time thing. You don’t have to buy new equipment every year. At best, you’ll have to update the equipment and software every three to five years.

These types of equipment are designed to allow your employees to work better and faster. They make them more efficient. They also allow for collaborations and better teamwork among employees.

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