Avoid Compliance Issues Regarding Hazardous Waste Management

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Hazardous waste generation and management is not something to be taken lightly. Good waste handling methods help safeguard the health of people and sustain the environment. On the other hand, poor handling can lead to conflicts with compliance agencies in the state, and this will incur fines. It is highly recommended for any businesses that generate hazardous waste to be familiar with the hazardous waste regulations laid out by the Department of Health.

Here are some ways to help your organization stay on the right side of the law in terms of hazardous waste generation:

Minimize the Amount of Waste

There are several approaches to reduce the amount of hazardous waste. These include a review of the items used in the facility, followed by a search for alternatives, the application of a waste management system, and changing to a process that uses fewer resources. If you implement any of these correctly, you should see results within a couple of years through disposal costs and product purchase.

Improve Housekeeping

Effective housekeeping practices will often yield less hazardous waste mismanagement, in addition to other benefits such as fewer worker injuries and enhanced efficiency at the workplace. By getting rid of old unused substances and managing the remaining space correctly, you can avoid regulatory complaints and issues. Make sure that any cleanup is done according to regulations to avoid improper disposal.

Collaborate with Reputable Firms

If the price of services offered is substantially less than other hazardous waste collection companies in Utah, think twice about the offer. Avoid being caught off-guard because of a non-compliant provider. Perform a thorough check on every potential provider for added security.

Follow up on Shipments

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a hazardous waste manifest system. This is designed to make sure that hazardous waste follows the right channel to its deposit at the designated waste management facility. Make sure the waste handling company is in strict compliance with the system to avoid any compliance accusations.

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Segregate Waste

Keep hazardous and non-hazardous waste in separate containers. The mixture could turn out to be extremely dangerous, making it difficult to manage compared to the original waste.

Keep Hazardous Waste Management Records

Depending on the amount of waste you generate, the requirement for recordkeeping can be serious. Annual reports, contingency plan, exception reports, manifests and several other records are crucial, so put them in order before the next visit by the compliance officers.

Perform Facility Audits

It’s important to conduct regular inspections of your facility without any pre-conceived ideas of how the results should be. Find out from the Department of Health the areas of the facility that should be covered by the audit.

Have a Team Dedicated to Hazardous Waste Management

Train a person or a team to manage this area and give them the necessary support. This includes providing relevant training on a regular basis and increasing awareness in the facility.

Many issues could render your hazardous waste management process non-compliant, so it is good to be knowledgeable. A good waste management company will help you understand these and many other points.

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