How Your Well-Being Is Affected by Earning from Your Hobby

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Having hobbies are essential to keep us balanced. They make our time worthwhile, and let us relax when work is getting too stressful. But if you turn your hobby into a business, will it still have the same good effects on our well-being?

Working on something we love is doubtlessly beneficial. However, considering that we classify hobbies as leisure, won’t they become a source of stress when they turn into a job?

In this article, we’ll get real in finding out the effects of hobbies and business on our well-being.

Why Are Hobbies Good?

Aside from making us happy, hobbies give us a sense of control, which is welcome in a life full of things we can’t control. Your hobbies are yours and yours alone, allowing you to spend your time however you want. They let you manifest and take ownership of something you accomplished. And the decision to show it off or keep it to yourself lies on you alone.

Hobbies also invoke a winning moment every time we complete a task we gave ourselves. Even if you do not show them off, it still feels fantastic to know that the finished product you came up with is a result of authentic motivation.

Lastly, hobbies let us find purpose and meaning in life. They make us look forward to something, regardless if that hobby lets us serve others or only allows us to kill time. Either way, hobbies are an avenue for our mental health and happiness to thrive.

Turning a Hobby into a Business

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While we’re holed up in our homes during the lockdown, a lot of people started turning their hobbies into a business. True enough, a couple of hobbies makes profitable ventures, especially the following:

  • Photography

Social gatherings may be discouraged these days, but events aren’t the only area photographers can specialize in. You can be a landscape or pet photographer and sell your beautiful shots online.

  • Reading

Bookworms can earn by charging for book reviews, alpha reading, beta reading, or copy-editing. If they love writing as well, they can start a book blog, or write their own self-published book.

  • Gardening

Plants recently became popular, so your green thumb can be your new source of income. If you’re somewhat serious about making more properties greenery-rich, you can invest in a landscaping franchise business, and let your artistry be known statewide or nationwide.

  • Arts

Graphic designers, painters, animators, and other artists have huge earning potentials as well. Given that there’s a surge in new entrepreneurs lately, they’re going to need artists to help them with their branding.

Effects of Being an Entrepreneur to Your Well-being

Successful entrepreneurs are glorified in our society. They’re regarded as role models or inspirations. However, behind the glamour of their success are struggles with mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

Until recently, entrepreneurs admitting their vulnerability was a taboo. They were conditioned to appear put-together all the time, living by the mantra “fake it till you make it.” But now that the stigma toward mental illnesses is dwindling, entrepreneurs can speak out about the stress of their jobs. Some of them even neglect their health for work. And they turn out to be more prone to anxiety than employees.

But rather than let this reality discourage you, do the opposite. Turn your hobby into a business, and become an inspiration to other entrepreneurs that it’s okay to have your moments. The key is having balance; make your goals manageable, and always remember that your health matters more than your productivity.

Achieving work-life balance is a process, so be patient with yourself, and focus on the fact that your business is your passion. Its purpose is to empower you, not drain all of your energy.

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