Giving the Future Generation a Greener Earth

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It is our duty as inhabitants of this planet to take care of it. It has given so much to us. Trees make for natural shelters. There are plants and animals out there that provide people sustenance. There is water all around us which we can use for quenching our thirsts and cleaning ourselves. On the other hand, there also have been things done to Earth that one can just describe as less than ideal.

The amount of pollution caused by the millions of vehicles on roads and thoroughfares can reach levels so high that they can reduce the visibility of the environment. It will take a long time to outfit all vehicles with effective fuel-management systems, so that may not be a feasible thing to think about now. Individually, there is a lot we can do to help. After all, the future is in our hands, and we want to leave our children with a greener planet Earth.

Finite Resources

A lot of vehicles today are still using resources that are based on fossil fuels. It is a finite resource that has its origins tied to prehistoric times. People should start looking at the possibility that it may get depleted, and it would be a good time to explore other sources.

Another finite resource is water. Although it covers about 70% of the planet, it is by no means infinite. Drought can happen anytime, and you do not want to be caught unprepared when this happens. Having no water during this event could lead to unsanitary and unhealthy conditions. It will start a vicious cycle, for water is an essential component to help with the healing process. Without it, you can say that all a patient can do is wait for their health to get better or worse.

Green Energy

green energy

What do you mean when you say green energy? It should be something that is very cost-effective and does not hurt people or the environment. You can expect machines or vehicles running on this type of energy to not have any smoke or residue as they power them.

The most prominent examples of green energy are those that harness the wind and solar power. Compared to burning fuels to run machinery, these are culling from sources that are comparatively more vast. Wind can be generated anywhere, and the sunlight is practically free and supplied to the Earth all the time. They leave no trace which should be great for the environment.

Making the World a Habitable Place

You can contribute to making the world a better place in your own little way. It is all about having respect for the environment and other people. Simple gestures are appreciated, like keeping empty candy wrappers in your pocket instead of throwing them elsewhere, or cleaning up after yourself when you have made a mess outside. Now imagine these kind actions not being done and replace it with the unfavorable ones. If millions of people are doing that, even the smallest things would add up. It just goes to show that change starts with yourself.

Remember that you only have one planet, and you must do your best to protect it. There are ways on how you can live in ways that are friendly to the environment. The older generation should be good role models for the younger ones. They should usher in a culture of being conscious about caring for the Earth.

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