How You Can Cater to Client Needs Despite the COVID-19 Crisis


The year 2020 proved to be a challenging year for everyone. Most consumers are having difficulties making ends meet especially after getting laid off of their jobs. Some businesses had to shut down while others need to find other ways to reach their target audiences. If your brand is one of the many companies affected by the pandemic, what can you do to ensure business continuity?

Thanks to our technology these days, businesses to still cater to their clients despite the world health crisis. There may not be a one-size-fits-all solution for all businesses. But the good news is there are some strategies one can adapt no matter the type of offer you have or the industry you are in.

Build a niche-specific website for your brand


Online is the best way to reach your target consumers during the COVID-19 crisis. As most consumers choose to stay indoors, the internet serves as an excellent platform to reach out and keep in touch with them. According to a recent study, consumers do research before buying. This means simply listing your company details online is not enough to entice more clients and retain old customers.

Keep them updated with your latest offers and establish better brand credibility by having a niche-specific website. For instance, you own an insurance business or is an insurance agent. Having an insurance website will help you put your business online and sell your offers to your target customers. This allows you to increase your chances of getting easily found by consumers who are looking for the exact products you offer.

Take advantage of paid ads

It may seem like paid advertisements online costs a lot of money. But in reality, investing in paid ads during the pandemic is a worthy investment. This is since people are spending more time online. Sure, you can promote your business for free using social media. But there are only limited results you can make for relying on free advertisements.

An article published in Search Engine Watch states that 50% of online users can’t recognize paid ads in search results. If you take advantage of your paid search ads, internet users will see your advertisement on the first page of search engine results. The better your ad placement is, the more your chances of reaching your target audience.

Connect with consumers emotionally

The crisis puts everyone at risk of catching the virus. By using this time to connect with your clients on an emotional level, you can stabilize your operations and still cater to client needs. Take into consideration your customer’s safety, security, and convenience when connecting with them during these times.

If your physical office is still open, be sure to follow protocols to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Reevaluate your portfolio and marketing strategies to better suit current client needs. If you can, offer flexible solutions to clients who are currently having a hard time meeting their obligations to your company. Keep your company open to cater to customer needs through other channels to forge better relations with your audience.

Businesses have no choice but to try to find ways to cope and thrive during the threat of the pandemic. Luckily, there are alternative options available. Build your online presence by creating a professional website for your business. Leverage on paid ads and don’t forget to create meaningful connections with y our client.

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