Are You Still Committing These Four Website Optimization Blunders?

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Your website is the center of your brand’s online presence. That is why this is the very first thing you build when taking your business online. But then, not all businesses are doing their website optimization the right way.

Just because your business website is working and you have lots of visitors do not already mean you have an effective site. There are so many things you need to consider to ensure your site is working for your online advantage. If you want to maximize your website’s online potential, make sure you stop committing these site optimization mistakes.

Skipping Research on Social Media

These days, all businesses have their own social media profiles. They use the platform to promote their brand, engage with target audiences, and entice consumers to click on links that will take them to their business website. The problem is, not all businesses are doing enough research on social media.

Your brand’s online credibility is crucial for your success. But without enough social media research, it will be difficult to create the right content that will keep your followers and customers engaged. Since you use social media to share the content you post on your website, it only makes sense that you invest in social media research to aid your goals.

Social media research enables you to know what kinds of content your target audiences prefer. You can use the services of a reliable SEO company to help you accomplish these time-consuming but undeniably crucial tasks. With the data they can get and their professional services, you can finally optimize y our website according to your brand’s needs.

Nursing a Slow-Loading Site

Today’s online users simply have no patience to wait for a website that takes forever to load. When it comes to business websites, every second counts. Every second wasted in your loading time contributes to an unhappy site visitor.

If you are still not doing anything about your slow loading site, then you are increasing the chances of site visitors never visiting your website again. Remember that there are two kinds of site visitors, the web browser user, and the mobile user. These days, more people prefer browsing the internet using their mobile. This means you can no longer take mobile-optimizing your website for granted.

There are many things that can cause a slow loading time. Knowing what’s causing your slow website speed should always be a priority. The faster your website loads both on web browsers and mobile, the better.

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Hoarding Unnecessary Plugins

Many businesses try to use as many plugins as they can get for their website. While there are excellent working plugins offered for free and at a cheap price, there is no reason to get them all. Know that this is one great way to reduce your website’s performance.

It is important that you prioritize your plugins according to importance. If you are using multiple plugins that have the same features, switch to one that can best cater to your needs. If some plugins are not that really important, and they are taking too much storage space, you might want to let go of these.

If you are unsure which plugins to retain and which ones to let go of, consider this. You will need plugins that will enable you to accomplish tasks, like the following.

  • Create a contact form for site visitors
  • Connect with Google Analytics
  • Improve on-page search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Email marketing service provider
  • Fight comment and contact form spam
  • Create an XML sitemap
  • Protect your site

Not Compressing and Optimizing Images and Files

The larger the images you use in your website, the more bytes are needed for the page to load. This means image file size can actually decrease your loading speed. Stop recklessly uploading images and start compressing your images and don’t forget to optimize your files.

Optimizing image files helps you to make the image smaller without losing the quality. With optimized images, your files will use less storage and bandwidth. You can boost website speed, improve your SEO, and enjoy a higher conversion rate.

Avoid filling up your pages with images unless necessary. Know about the different image file types. Before you upload any image, compress the images. You can use photo editing software or other image compressing alternatives online.

Your website serves as your brand’s identity online. Its performance shows many things about your brand, including how to cater to your customers, how important their experience is, and what values your brand tries to uphold. Ensuring your website is optimized will help you accomplish many things, including increased sales and revenue. So, make sure you don’t make these same mistakes and you can better cater to your customer’s online needs.

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