Forward Thinking: Prenuptial Agreements

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Our ideas about weddings and marriages have likely come from preexisting blueprints. These blueprints can have varied sources. It can be from our own parents’ marriage, maybe a relatives’, or even strangers’ that we bore witness to considering how much we consume media, regardless of form, daily.

Many still cling to traditional concepts, others have embraced more modern notions. Moreover, depending on what media a person consumes, there may be some slight misconceptions about what occurs during the days leading up to the wedding.

It’s a widespread belief among the “normal” people that the wedding planning for the wealthy and affluent differs from the standard practices. While they do organize the typical events and guest lists, they also arrange for prenuptial agreements to be signed.
Prenups are contracts that both halves of the engaged couple agree to before their wedding.

The agreements vary for each couple considering the different contexts. Still, the essence of it boils down to protection and security, as well as the division of assets should things go awry in the future.

Contrary to the public’s opinion, prenups aren’t only for the rich and famous. Even mundane people, like you and I, get arrange for one if they want to get married. We all have things that are deemed necessary enough for protection. And at times, ownership in marriage becomes muddy and homogenous.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the bad reputation the prenuptial agreement has garnered is unjustified. It’s understood that it’s not the most romantic gesture in the world, especially for a couple who’s engaged. However, it does not come from a place of negativity.

A partner asking for a prenup isn’t one who is expecting the failure of the impending marriage. It should be considered a positive. Prenups prevent hurt people in marriages from making bad decisions that come from a place of anger or resentment.
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Additionally, prenups work more as a failsafe and even a hypothetical. Just because it’s in place does not mean a couple won’t stay together. It should be noted, though, that what a person is feeling right now might not be what they’re feeling in a few years. Having a prenuptial agreement guarantees that a Suffolk County resident will have a smoother divorce proceeding with their attorney compared to most people.

But it should be noted that the protection of one’s assets and the promise of an easy divorce if need be aren’t the only benefits of arranging a prenuptial agreement although they are largely a part of it.

Another thing that prenups can cover is the financial well-being of children. It can clear up what a person might want to leave their kids in the event of their untimely deaths. The economic welfare of children born from previous marriages can also be discussed in prenuptial agreements.

The couple can open a joint bank account during their marriage but the spouse who remarried can be satisfied with the knowledge that the money that they set aside for their children’s future will remain untouched should a divorce occur.
Given all of these, it is encouraged for couples planning to get married to enter this kind of contract. Having a prenup does not mean that a divorce is guaranteed, but secures all of the assets that need protecting if it does happen.

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