Diamonds: Offering More than Mere Beautiful Jewelry

diamond being held by tweezers

Diamonds aren’t just for engagement rings and expensive jewelry. Several industries make use of these precious stones — with applications that might leave you scratching your head or drop your jaw in amazement.

1. Drilling, Cutting, and Polishing

The construction and oil mining industry make full use of several diamond products. This hard gem is used in huge drilling equipment that bore deep into the earth and the usual drill bits you use in your home. Dentists have also been known to use diamond-tipped drills to clear away plaque. Diamond cutting tools — particularly circular saws — have also seen heavy use in the construction industry. The smooth glaze of polished concrete can only be achieved with the use of diamonds. Incorporating diamonds into specific tools increases their efficiency and also minimizes wear.

2. Delivering Medicine

Nanoparticles of diamonds have been successfully used in delivering anti-cancer medication. Cancer cells can usually expel and pump out medication, but bonding that medication to nano-diamonds gives it more mass, allowing the medication to permeate through the intended targets. The reflective properties of diamonds also allow doctors to monitor the progression of the cancer cells with the use of special equipment.

3. Making Sweet Music

Diamonds retain their hardness even when formed into thin membranes. Certain high-end speakers, like Kharma’s Grand Enigma speaker system, incorporate diamonds into their tweeters. Diamonds can vibrate at very high speeds and still retain their structural integrity. They are less likely to warp or be deformed — ensuring optimum audio quality for longer periods. Diamonds also make excellent heat sinks, allowing the voice coil to operate in stabler conditions. Aside from speakers, diamonds are also used in the stylus or needles of record players.

beautiful diamond gems

4. Building Better Computers

Diamonds are finding their way into high-end supercomputers. Modern semiconductor devices that incorporate diamond transmit data at a faster rate and deliver one million times more electrical current than traditional silicon. Computer systems that incorporate diamonds instead of silicon are already in use in military and aerospace projects. The high thermal conductivity of diamonds also makes them excellent (and strong) heat sinks that can protect a computer’s processor. Artificial Intelligence that produces and receives massive streams of data will most likely incorporate diamonds.

5. Making the Rich Look Beautiful

Jewelry aside, the rich and famous are finding more ways to indulge in the use of diamonds. From sprays to facial wash, diamonds are being used to turn simple beauty products into extravagant and ostentatious statements of wealth. Kim Kardashian publicized her use of a diamond-flecked spray for her wedding; Mila Kunis was reported to have used a ruby and diamond facial before several award shows. While there is very little research done to test the efficacy of using diamonds in beauty products — they certainly add a sense of extravagance, especially when leaked to the press.

Diamonds are finding more use in various industries. While most use the special qualities of diamonds for more serious purposes, quite a few use the precious gem merely to add extravagance.

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