Don’t Fall Prey to Throwaway Culture: Toddler Edition

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Welcoming a baby into the family is a wonderful experience. It’s stressful the first few nights, but as you see your child grow, you know it’s all worth it. Still, as you’re going through the many changes in your kid’s life, it’s hard to keep up with the costs, changes, and exhausting schedule.

The amount of stuff you accumulate throughout your child’s first five years is unimaginable. It would be a shame to let all of that spent money go to waste.

Raising a Child Is Expensive

working mom taking care of her babyYou spend money on childbirth, and after you’ve taken the baby home, you need to think about diapers, formula (if you’re not breastfeeding), clothes, and other essentials. You want the best for your baby, so of course, you won’t be hesitant to buy their needs as long as your budget can afford it. You’ll soon realize that the budget is shrinking as your baby grows up faster than you can buy new clothes.

This is why most parents will suggest you buy a bigger size for some growth allowance. By the time your child is ready for toddler school in Phoenix, they’ll have already left a trail of clothes that don’t fit them anymore. It’s all wasted money at first glance, but that’s only if you keep them to yourself.

A Billion-Dollar Industry

Parents want what’s best for their children, and they are more than willing to provide. They want their baby to look presentable so that they won’t be questioned as parents. Like other parents, they also sometimes buy more than they need. The baby clothes industry is thriving because of this, with even luxury brands doling out baby products at expensive prices.

Dressing your baby in designer clothes from head to toe won’t mean you’re a better parent than your peers, but if you can afford it, there’s no stopping you either. However, be aware of the textile waste you might be generating when you buy too much without considering what will happen to the clothes your child has outgrown.

Extending the Life of Clothes

The good news is you don’t have to look at child-rearing as a money pit. Be a smart parent and extend the life or usefulness of baby clothes. Each piece of clothing may have only been worn a handful of times. They will still be in good condition for the next baby you have, in case you have plans to add another child to your family.

If you’re sure that this will be your last child, go ahead and sell the used clothing online. Even in your neighborhood, other parents may be looking for discount clothing for their newborns. You’re helping parents save money, and you’re earning some back. The clothes don’t go unused or thrown out. If you feel generous, give away the baby clothes to your expecting relatives without needing any payment in return.

Feeling sentimental about the clothes that marked your child’s growth? Instead of letting them take up space in your garage, turn them into a memory quilt that your kid can still use in their toddler and even teenage years.

You want your child to be well taken care of, but you don’t need to be wasteful of your resources to do so. The true mark of being a good parent is how well you take care of your family and how smart you use the resources you have.

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