Divorce Battles: the Smallest Things Bring the Biggest Headaches

Divorce settlements

Divorce settlements can go smoothly if soon-to-be ex-couples are willing to separate amicably and compromise/negotiate when deciding on custody and dividing possessions. The sad part is that there are many cases where both the husbands and wives try to do anything they can to get the ownership of an item that is worth no more than a few dollars.

When that small stuff gets in the way

If you and your spouse are going through marriage dissolution, it is essential to remember that disputes over ridiculously small items can delay the settlement and make your separation ugly. Divorce lawyers in Colorado note that this can also invite hatred and hostility, as well as make the whole process more stressful than it already is.

While you have the right to get what you think you deserve, you still need to be mindful of what you are fighting for. If you and your spouse suddenly find yourselves arguing over small things like a pan or a spatula, you will waste valuable resources contesting who should get that item. The worst part is this might mean spending more time and money than what that small stuff is worth.

When a trivial item drives up divorce costs

In many cases, it is not the pot, pans, or appliances that couples are fighting over, but more about what it represents. There may also be an emotional or sentimental tie to that object that can make both spouses reluctant to let go. Attempting to get a hold of these things could lead to hundreds of thousands in fees that could have been bought a new and better version of that replaceable item.

Trying to win the custody of small items like linen, pots, appliances, books, and vacuum cleaners could sometimes be the result of emotions running too high or making the other party miserable because that object means so much to him/her. If you intend to argue over the smallest things and are willing to waste thousands of dollars, you are likely to regret your decision later on.

Focus on important things

divorce concept

Instead of sweating the small stuff, divorce attorneys suggest focusing your time and energy on things that matter like getting the custody or the kids, keeping the marital home, or getting alimony. After all, you are more likely to feel better or like a winner in your settlement if you consider the big picture and secure your financial situation in the future.

An experienced family or divorce attorney can serve as your rational guide who will also prevent you and your emotions from turning the case against your favor. The right legal professional will also protect your rights and help you fight over essential things that can benefit you in starting anew as a single person, like property division and spousal support.

Fighting for the sake of fighting or getting a hold of something that doesn’t carry much monetary and sentimental value is not worth your time, effort, and, money. This is why if you find yourself arguing over a kitchen item or appliance, take a step back and assess if it would be better to let that item go and buy a new one.

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