What to Do When You’re Falsely Accused

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Being falsely accused of a crime these days is a serious matter. Just like any disaster, you should have a plan when it happens. If the police show up at your door with a warrant of arrest, your quick response is essential if you want to keep out of jail.

Here are some tips on creating your response plan to a false accusation:

Get Representation ASAP

Finding a criminal defense lawyer in Kent and other urban areas should be easy. This is why you have no excuse to have a lawyer with you when the interrogation begins. The moment you know you are under arrest, you should call a lawyer. Though it can be difficult to this under pressure, you should have an attorney to represent you or recommend someone to you.

Don’t be afraid that a lawyer makes you look guilty. A lawyer is important to ensure that your rights are protected. Their presence during interviews will ensure that everything is under control while also giving you the legal advice you need. They can even take the necessary steps so that charges won’t be filed against you or at least delay them.

Stay Quiet

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One of the key pieces of advice that every lawyer will tell you is to keep quiet, at least when they are not around. Keeping quiet ensures that you don’t say anything that can be used against you. Even if you’re trying to be honest, remember that you are in a high-pressure situation. It will affect how you respond to questions. Faulty initial responses are not going to help your case, especially if you remember details later. Shut up and wait to consult with your lawyer before you talk to the police.

It isn’t just the police you shouldn’t talk to right after your arrest. You need to be quiet on social media and not talk to the press at all. Talk only to the people your lawyer instructs you to.

Listen to Your Lawyer

There is a reason you hired a lawyer. They can be expensive, so you need to get your money’s worth. This means you will need to listen to their advice. If your lawyer thinks something is a bad idea, it usually is. If they think it is a good idea, then you will have to do it. Your lawyer should take the lead in your defense. Work with them to get the job done.

Gather Witnesses and Defense Evidence

The idea behind criminal justice is “innocent until proven guilty” and the prosecution will be doing their best to do this. To counter this, you should provide evidence that proves you are innocent. The main way to do this is to present witnesses and evidence of your own. Work with your lawyer to find what you need.

The criminal justice system sometimes falters and false accusations can be leveled at the innocent. Remember the tips above to ensure that justice prevails and that you would stay free in the future, especially if you’re not guilty.

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