Common Mobile Phone Problems and Their Solutions

Cheap or expensive, your mobile phone is susceptible to bugs and issues that can disrupt your user experience. Luckily, most common phone problems can be easily solved on your own. Here are some quick-fix solutions that you can try at home when your phone decides to act up randomly:

1. Battery Drains Fast

You can tweak your settings to save battery. First, try dimming your screen and lowering the brightness. Also, check if your device has a battery-saving mode and then toggle it on. Since you don’t always need a GPS or Bluetooth connection, turn it on only when necessary. The same goes for your Wi-Fi connection.  It also helps to check your battery usage in your phone settings to see which apps are consuming the most energy.

2. Phone Is Too Slow

Most phones start to slow down when their internal storage fills up. To solve this problem, try deleting unused apps on your device or moving your files to the cloud. Another useful hack is to clear your apps’ cached data. Installing programs, such as Clean Master, goes a long way in optimizing your phone’s RAM and memory.  If all else fails, restore your phone to factory data settings to see if it will run smoothly.

3. Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Try enabling Airplane Mode on your device and wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute before you reconnect. If this doesn’t solve the problem, refresh your connectivity settings by setting up your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth again. When you’ve tried these two fixes again and again to no avail, it’s time to bring your device to cell phone technicians in Salt Lake City.

4. Messages Won’t Send

Most of the time, clicking on the unsent message and then hitting the Resend button will solve this issue. If the problem persists, restart your device and then check if you’re connected to the Wi-Fi or your cellular network. If you have messages that need to be sent urgently, download another messaging app.

5. Phone Is Overheating

When a phone overheats, it could be because of three things: overuse, charger issue, or manufacturing defect. If it’s the former, give your device a chance to breathe by not using it for at least an hour. Otherwise, bring your phone to a professional. A broken charger or a factory defect could cause further damage to your batter and phone screen, so it’s crucial to have your handset checked by technicians right away.

6. Apps Keep Crashing

Apps can act up a lot due to bugs or compatibility issues. When this happens, the most natural solution is to force-close the app and then to reopen it. You can also try clearing the cached data. If these two tricks don’t work, uninstall the app and then reinstall it.

7. Screen Is Unresponsive

There are two simple fixes to this: either restart your device or remove the battery and then just put it back on. But if your screen is unresponsive because you dropped it on a solid surface or in water, your phone could be facing more severe problems that can be repaired only by specialists.

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8. Apps Won’t Download

For Android users, try cleaning the cached data of your Google Play app. If it doesn’t work, proceed to delete your app’s local search history. As an extra measure, restart your phone before retrying your download.

9. MicroSD Card Not Working

MicroSD cards aren’t invincible to bugs and errors. When your device doesn’t recognize your card, connect your MicroSD to a PC using a card reader and then format it at least twice. Be sure to restart your phone before you insert the card again.

10. Wet Phone

Contrary to what giant phone manufacturers say, no phone is waterproof. If you dropped your device in the water, here’s what you should NOT do: Don’t turn it off. Don’t charge it. Don’t plug it in. Instead, soak it in a bowl of dry rice and let it sit overnight. The rice absorbs the leftover moisture so the water won’t damage your phone’s internal components.

But just because you did the dry rice hack, doesn’t mean your phone is entirely safe to use. Make sure to bring it to cell phone technicians on the following day.

When your phone begins to act up, these DIY quick-fix solutions will usually do the trick. But water-damaged and broken devices are a different story. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to call your trusted technicians to prevent further damages and unnecessary expenses down the road.

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