Assuage the Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury on the Victim’s Life

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The millions of survivors of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and a thousand more victims who lose their lives deserve no less than compassionate and excellent representation from a brain injury attorney.

Traumatic brain injury could rob people in their prime the best years of their life. Young adult males are the most at risk, particularly those with a high-risk lifestyle. Older persons and young children are at risk as well due to their increased vulnerability and frailty.

A public health issue not to be taken lightly

A traumatic brain injury disrupts the functions of the human brain. When a foreign object penetrates the skull and impacts brain tissue, the powerhouse of the body loses many of its capabilities. Thebrain is frail and jelly-like, and without the protection of the skull it cannot sustain any injury and remain intact. A bump to the head or a jolt may lead to loss of consciousness, and the inner workings of the neural connections may be disrupted for a stretch of time.

The brain governs and controls all bodily functions with a combination of electrical and chemical signaling. So anything that puts the delicate system into disarray will affect a person’s movement, understanding, and capacity to function in the world. Even a forceful impact with the skull remaining closed could lead to significant bruising and stretching and damage that may not be physical but no less debilitating.

A myriad of terrible manifestations

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Some injuries are isolated, while others are seen with other bone or soft tissue damage. While falls are the most commonly associated incidents at home, motor vehicle accidents and violent crimes are the main causes of TBI incurred outside of the home. Aside from the alarming number of deaths associated with TBI, the resulting permanent disability have a high personal, socioeconomic, and medical costs.

Considered a form of acquired brain injury, TBI has symptoms that range from mild to moderate to severe. Twisting and tearing of tissue, swelling, and internal bleeding are some of the known mechanisms of injury. Mild injury may manifest as confusion, blurred vision, or lethargy. More severe damage may lead to problems with short-term memory, attention, sleep, and behavior. Convulsions, slurred speech, seizures, and muscle weakness are some of the symptoms of severe TBI.

Day-to-day life may be unbearable for people who suffer mental and physical disabilities. Psychiatric changes may complicate matters, and make caring more difficult for family members. When the injury is serious enough to cause severe damage to brain tissue a survivor may survive in a state of stupor—be unresponsive to most stimuli, and persist in a vegetative state. Sadly, some people pass on without ever regaining consciousness again.

Catastrophic brain injury may be acquired in the hands of another. Perhaps someone you love was involved in a motor vehicle accident—a passenger in a terrible collision. As the case may be your loved one could be have been injured in an act of physical violence. Someone with knowledge of the law can help you make the responsible party accountable, and it may be possible to receive just compensation that will support the victim’s medical and rehabilitation needs, and help him or her with their daily expenses.

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