The Nomad Lifestyle: How to Maximize the Space in Your RV Camper

RV camper in a camping site

As much as nomad living can be a great adventure that’s exciting and something you’ll tell your grandkids about, it also has its drawbacks. Space is limited, so your movement is restricted. If you are not smart about how you arrange your things, you’ll end up sleeping outside in a tent.

One of the things you have to learn about living in an RV is to maximize all available space, including outside the vehicle — the roof and the space under the chassis. You can use the latter to store your aluminum underbody toolbox. Your toolbox can use up a large part of the space available inside the RV, so just put it under the body of the RV. That will give you better access when you’re fixing something in the engine or under the vehicle.

Invest in Camping-specific Household

Since the RV has a small space where you can cook, sleep, rest, and watch television, you need to take only the things you need. More specifically, take only items that are designed for that space. Camp-specific items such as a small pan, disposable plates and cups, and collapsible cookware are going to be your best friends in this lifestyle.

Remove Useless Items

Check all the cupboards, cabinets, and drawers. Take out all the items that are of no use to you anymore. If you have too many clothes and shoes, give those away, sell them, or donate them to organizations. Be honest with yourself about what you need and don’t need. You can take some items with you that have sentimental value. But since you’re living in an RV, you cannot take everything that has value to you. Be practical with your choices.

Add a Rooftop Cargo Box

Another way that you can add space to your RV is to install a rooftop cargo box. Of course, this means that you cannot put items that you use every day in the box. Use it to store items that you use occasionally because it can be a hassle to climb on top of the RV. This adds considerable weight to the RV, but it also adds value when you’re ready to sell your mobile home.

Don’t Stock Food

Since you’re going to be on the move a lot, you don’t really need to stock up on food. You can buy a couple of items for a day or two, but don’t buy too much or you’re going to use up all the available cabinet space. You can eat out of microwaveable, ready-to-eat lunch boxes instead of cooking the meal yourself. You can also simply eat out in diners you pass along the way.

Put Organizers Under the Bed and Tables

Interior of dining area in recreation vehicle

That much space under your bed and dining table is a waste if not used. Buy organizers so that you can use that space in an orderly manner. Clean these spaces regularly because dust can collect under and on the sides of the container boxes.

Leaving the comfort of the home and trying out the RV lifestyle are not for everyone. However, if you do want to try it out, you can do so but only if you learn how to live with minimal furniture and practice items. In an RV, luxurious living is out of the question.

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