The Hows of Preparing Your Family for a Great Future

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Preparing one’s family for the future entails more than just building a decent savings account, securing your children’s college fund, and planning for your retirement.

Sure, meeting those monthly dues or applying for mortgage refinancing for financial flexibility is important but more than that, it is investing your time in your family that will make or break them in the future.

10 Ways to Prepare Your Family for a Great Future

1. Live each day like you mean it.

You know the saying, “live like it’s your last day?” Well, we’d like to tweak that a bit and say live life like you mean it by giving your best all the time in all you do. Not half-hearted, nor half-baked.

Modeling a life of excellence will rub off on your children. When we say excellence, it doesn’t have to mean that you’re the best in everything. Rather, it means doing your best always. This will teach your children the value of hard work and perseverance which will be very helpful for them in life.

2. Find the balance.

We understand that you need to work hard to provide for your family. However, if you’re always at work trying to earn as much to give your family a better life, you might end up having no family because you already alienated yourself with all your time spent away from home.

Find that healthy work-life balance because it will not go looking for you.

3. Keep your spending within your means.

The best way of teaching your children financial management is by modeling it. If you want them to grow up financially wise, you have to be a great example to them now.

Never spend money you don’t have (which is why you should avoid credit cards if you have no self-control). Never spend beyond your income. Always stick to your budget. Build an emergency fund. All of these and more are best learned through example.

4. Spend as much time with your children as possible.

Somebody once said that the days are long when you have children around but time also flies by so fast as far as children are concerned. One minute you’re still on diaper duties, the next, they’re off for college.

Children spell “love” with the letters T, I, M, and E. They long to spend as much quality time with you as possible. Investing yourself and your time in your children tells them that you value them and despite your busy schedule, you will always be there for them no matter what.

5. Do the hard things now.

Make the hard decisions. Now. Follow through on them immediately. Avoid procrastinating. Spend time with your family today. Kiss and make up with your spouse now. Deal with your financial problems immediately.

Bite the bullet now and avoid the consequences of prolonging your action.

6. Your spouse is your top priority.

As busy as you are with your responsibilities at home and work, nothing and no one should ever take the place of your spouse. Not even your children. If you truly love your children, you will love your spouse even more and make him or her your top priority.

7. Build beautiful memories.

Gifts are awesome but they perish and don’t last. Memories and experiences, on the other hand, stay ingrained in one’s heart and mind. Get into the habit of building wonderful memories with your family. Take trips together. Play games after school and work. Do spontaneous things on weekends.

Even if you’re faced with difficult times in the future, you and your family will have these memories to hold on to that will keep you motivated and hopeful.

8. When life punches you hard, do not throw in the towel.

Challenges and difficulties in life are inevitable. We were never promised a problem-free life when we came into the world. However, we can do things that will help make our lives problem-proof, including being resilient and strong.

When life hits hard, it may sometimes be tempting to give up. Whatever happens, never throw in the towel. As long as there’s breath, there is hope for you and your family.

9. Make good on your promises.

All relationships are hinged on certain promises. Like your marriage is hinged on your vows, your relationship with each family member is founded on trust. That being said, you need to deliberately and repeatedly model a lifestyle of trust and belief.

10. Discover each member’s love language and learn how to speak it.

Happy family

Quality time. Words of affirmation. Physical touch. Acts of service. Gifts and presents.

According to author Gary Chapman, each person has a different love language. Find out what each member’s love language is and learn how to speak it. Just as in real life, fluency in another language can help boost you forward, the same thing applies to relationships.

Prepare your family for a great future by investing in them today. Put your family in a winning position 20 or 30 years down the road by building it right today.

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