Steering Towards Success: Online Marketing Tips for Shipping Companies

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Dating back to the time when civilizations have discovered a way to travel through bodies of water and transport goods, the shipping industry has always been an integral and indispensable part of both local and global trade. However, with globalization and the widespread use of the internet in trading, more and more shipping and logistics businesses compete with each other. Marketing is one way to not only be more competitive but also to let your shipping company’s brand more visible and attract more clients.

As the internet has influenced globalization and international trading, it’s only fitting for shipping companies to also make use of the internet in order to promote their brand through digital marketing. That said, we’ll be taking a look at tips for you to effectively market your shipping company online:

Online Presence

Gone are the days of yellow pages, now, most clients lookup for logistical services online. And, in order for your shipping business to show up online, you should start with a website. You can start off by having one that has all the necessary information that your potential clients will need, such as the services offered, coverage, contact information, and address. It’s important to note that your website should be straightforward, simple to navigate, and ad-free (nothing discourages clients more than a supposedly-professional website being riddled with ads).

Additionally, make sure that you register your business on online maps, and also in social media to increase your online visibility. Speaking of visibility, you may also want to consider partnering with digital marketing companies that specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Multiple Platforms

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When building your website, it’s just as important to consider that your potential clients may be searching for shipping companies online through their phones or tablets, and not just their desktops. That said, you’ll want to ensure that your website is compatible and easy to read, and navigate when using phones and tablets. Your potential clients are more likely to click/tap away from your website if they’re not able to access it in their device.

Allow Multiple Communication Options

When choosing a shipping company, potential clients would contact multiple shipping and logistics companies in order to get a quotation. That said, make it easy for your client to do so by providing them as many options as possible to contact you. You can do so by putting your shipping company’s contact number on your website (and also your social media account). Consider adding an online live chat option, so that those visiting your website and wish to get a quotation (or have simple queries) can immediately get the answers they need. Lastly, there should be staff dedicated to answering all queries on the phone and online through your social media account, your website, and/or your company’s email.

Showcase Your Insurance

Many shipping companies offer freight insurance to protect any goods that are being transported and covers the value of these goods if they end up getting damaged during transport. This is mainly due to the fact that most businesses and individuals who wish to ship their goods would prefer more hassle-free transactions with logistics companies — and not having to worry about the buyer getting separate insurance.

Highlighting that your shipping company includes the insurance of goods in your packages can make it more attractive to your potential clients. Additionally, clients who see that you have a comprehensive insurance package, including hull and machinery and other policies that also protect your ship, shows that you prioritize safety above all.

The Takeaway

Digital marketing has become one of the most important tools in today’s market, and this includes businesses in the shipping and logistics industry, as well. If you’re still not convinced about investing in online marketing, perhaps this simple reason can sway you: your competition is doing it, too.


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