Spice Up Your Team Building Activity This Year

team building activity

Having a routine at work is good, but you better not to extend it beyond your daily tasks– like in your team building program.

The more your employees participate in this event every year, the more they look for something new to do. Turn it into an event that your employees will look forward to, not dread because as the participants to the event, the success of it is up to them.

Consider the team building activity as everyone’s respite from work. Everyone, including you. Find a reputable organizer within your city to take care of the logistics. For instance, if your office is in Kansas City, collaborate with a corporate events management team within the area to talk about your budget and suggestions. Even if the purpose of a team-building is to strengthen teamwork and boost everyone’s work performance, this is also a time for you and your employees to find a breather.

Spice up your team building activity. Make it different from the ones organized in the past years. Here’s how:

1. Hackathon

The name itself is modern. This challenge-centered activity originated from a live event for software programmers where they can pitch ideas to solve a problem stated in the event. The goal is to create a program from scratch that will do just that. Trivia: The Facebook like button was created from a hackathon project in 2008.

However, this activity is not limited to programmers. Include all departments in the planning, execution, and presentation: Product, R&D, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance, Data, Support, and HR. This may not be what you have in mind when you think of having a breather, but the competitive quality of this activity will produce humorous stories.

Make this event even more fun by adding mini-challenges in between. Apply your company’s advocacy into the challenge to motivate the participants further.

2. Go Green

volunteer work

If your company advocates sustainability, having a nature-centered team building is a must. In short, walk the talk. Hold an activity which will encourage all members of the company to live sustainably by being ethically and environmentally aware.

You can include activities like From Trash to Treasure. Each team or member must repurpose or reuse the products they found in a junkyard or thrift shop like furniture, for instance. The goal is to make the material usable again.

Another example is Building Bridges- literally. Collaborate with communities. Ask your organizer to look for communities in need of garden landscaping, sensory gardens, and garden bridges.

3. Tech Challenge

Use technology or technological devices in tweaking the traditional team building activities.

For example, the Drone Challenge. This is a great way to apply creativity and design together. This collaborative competition requires each group to make an obstacle course for a drone which will be challenged by the other teams. Every group member will get the opportunity to fly through the obstacle courses designed by the other teams.

You can opt for a simulation activity using Virtual Reality. This is perfect for improving leadership, empathy, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration.

Every team building is meant to provide new experiences, so your employees can feel that they are continuously learning and growing with your company. With that in mind, they will surely aim to be at their best.

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