Seven Effective Ways to Use Technology to Increase Your Business Productivity

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Over the years, technology has taken over our lives in ways nothing ever did. What is the first thing that you do when you wake up? Isn’t it to check your phone for missed messages? What do you read when you take your morning coffee? Do you still read the newspaper? Or, do you open your mobile apps and start updating yourself about the current news? Even social media has taken over your mornings. At work, there is also some belief that the availability of technology distracts people from getting more work done. But this begs the question: can businesses survive without technology?

Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents wanted you to take piano lessons? You were so adamant that you didn’t need it but your parents kept cajoling you to attend the classes, so you did it for them anyway. Then fast-forward to today, playing your favorite songs in the piano is one of your most favorite pastimes. It literally takes your mind off your worries.

It’s the same thing with technology. Some businesses think they can survive without it. But the truth is, technology makes life easier for everyone. It gives more room for productivity. Businesses love investing in technology because the benefits far outweigh the costs. Technology solves a lot of problems for many businesses–from manufacturing to logistics to deliveries.

Inventory Systems

Whether you’re running a small retail shop or a larger business, inventory is a daunting task. You need to keep stock of your supplies and the products that you sell. You have to make sure that the number of items released to customers aligns with the profit you expect to get from them. It’s a tricky scenario not to have a point of sale machine (POS) when this helps in keeping inventory in check.

Cloud and Hard Drives

Where should you keep your business data if not in a hard drive or the cloud? For years, many businesses were afraid of the concept of the cloud. Where does the data go if not in an external hard drive? Who can have access to the data? But now, can you imagine how to keep your files more organized and accessible without a cloud system? It eliminates the need for paperwork, as well as for those bulky hard drives that take up way too much space in the office. With the cloud, you can access all available data with a single username and password.


Virtual private networks encrypt your data so that it travels between networks and internet resources without getting intercepted. Or, if there is interception, the hackers won’t be able to trace that route back to the original source. Why is this important to businesses? It allows work-from-home setups to thrive. Especially during a pandemic such as this when some employees are working from home, VPNs allow them to connect to their office network without fear of being hacked.


How could businesses survive this pandemic without teleconferencing? This drastically reduces the out-of-pocket costs of flying people in for conferences, seminars, and meetings. Many team-building counselors now offer teleconferencing sessions because it reduces a business’ need to shoulder their travel expenses. Many business deals were also closed via teleconferencing. For those that have a work-from-home setup, teleconferences also make it easier for employees to brainstorm.

Project Management Software

Project management software such as Microsoft Project, Trello, Basecamp, Google Sheets, Asana, Huddle, and others allow companies to plan and manage people from outside the usual office set up. It keeps everyone in the loop even if some team members are working from home. It also eliminates overlapping appointments, tasks, and events. Everyone can have access to the management software, so they can stay on track of what needs to be done.

workmatesSecurity Cameras

The law requires businesses to have security cameras installed in their stores or offices. This reduces the risks of criminal activities, both by other people and by your own employees. It keeps the business secure, thus raising the morale of the employees and customers. Security cameras deter crimes, which can bankrupt a business.


Do you know that many companies now use outsourcing to save on the costs of hiring employees? Thanks to technology, this is possible and effective. Businesses can outsource content writers, web designers, and web developers for their websites. They can also outsource their IT needs instead of having an in-house IT department. Outsourcing has become more productive than hiring in-house employees because of different tools.

A business can thrive if it’s not afraid to take the risks of investing in technologies that work for the betterment of the company and the employees. Technology made it possible for businesses to expand their reach. You can now reach people from far-flung areas of the world. If this is something that you can ignore, then your business will fail to grow.

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