Please Help! The Rain Gutters Need Repair!

rain gutters

Torrential rains always reveal any underlying problems in a structure, from the roof to the foundation. For instance, some gutters are unable to gather all the rainwater, instead of letting it flow directly to the ground.

The purpose of gutters is to gather rainwater and direct it away from the foundation and the wall of a structure.  Gutters also collect rainwater and prevent it from flooding your lawn or property. If they fail in this, it means that moisture builds up in the wrong areas and starts promoting rotting and mold growth.

Importance of Regular Inspection

Maintaining and repairing rain gutters is vital, and the exercise can be all you need to avoid problems such as mold and safeguard your investment. In the absence of rain, most gutters look good, as the sun strikes against them. Now that you have seen that rainwater is leaking out from them, you understand why inspecting them is important. Some other issues you may discover during a downpour include the following:

  • Water falling between the fascia board and the gutter
  • Some water failing to enter the drain, instead, the wat spurts out at the joint
  • Rainwater escaping at the soffit

All these indicate glaring issues with the design and condition of the gutter.

Clogged Gutter

checking roof gutter

Clogged gutters cause the water to fall over because that is the only way it can get out. Once it falls from the gutter, it can be unpleasant for the homeowner: a flooded basement, clogged yard, and stained walls. In extreme cases, the entire gutter system may come down, including the fascia board.

Clogged gutters also retain some water, which also does significant damage to the building. When the damage is behind the attic and walls, it can cause mold and wall stains to appear. With the slow soaking of the insulation and other wall components, all sorts of pests start breeding. Aesthetically, your structure would look older than it should.

Gutter Design

Installers used to follow the provided gutter guidelines to homeowners, and the results were often amazing. These days, most modern homes use a basic gutter system in fact, some are extruded on the spot.

Most people prefer aluminum over galvanized steel and copper gutters, which are still available. The choice often depends on cost and project timelines, and aluminum is the more affordable option.

Pitching a bit towards the downspout is a necessary installation procedure for gutters. Yet, some technicians overlook this requirement, worrying more about the curb appeal. Therefore, the first thing you need to check if your gutters still pitch towards the downspout.

Next, see if the number of downspouts is enough for the system. Check the size of the gutter because it could control how many downspouts you need. If your home has a large roof surface, it means you need to have a sizeable gutter.

Gutters are essential for any building, especially if you want to stay in your house for a long time. Poor gutter design or lack of maintenance will cause serious problems. Prevent costly repairs and replacement; you should invest in a quality gutter system.

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