No Better Time to Get a Swimming Pool than Now

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Of course, a swimming pool will cost you. There’s no denying that. But if you look at all the benefits of owning one, it will outweigh the costs. After all, as the pandemic has shown us, you really can’t put a price tag on health and longevity.

Health is definitely wealth and even more. It may have become a cliche. But it’s one reality that has become ridiculously obvious in COVID-19 times. Just think about it. Most, if not all, of America’s hospitals are filled with infected patients right now. Many doctors and health workers have decided to distance themselves from all the chaos, fearing for their very own lives. Worse, as Thanksgiving and Christmas are in the offing, the number of those afflicted have risen once again, a spike that could be a dire warning of graver things to come.

Then there’s the business side of it. Having a swimming pool is a good investment. Not only does it boost your personal fitness, but it also boosts the selling prowess of your property. A house with a pool will definitely fetch a higher price tag than one without the amenity. And that’s just for starters.

Unparalleled Family Bonding

Think of the pandemic as one stress test. When testing new car models, manufacturers use crash test dummies. As these dummies simulate human response in case of a vehicular accident, how the body would react to extreme events, it’s one test that could save more lives. Special sensors are used so the strength of the impact can be recorded best. And in the process, certain adjustments (e.g., seat belt) can be made.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is a real event that involves real people. As we can’t control the virus, we’re left in a precarious position. And one of the things that have been put under extreme pressure is the family. As the virus ravaged America, divorce rates have skyrocketed.

Having a swimming pool in your backyard can prove to be the glue that would help your family stay closer to each other. A pool’s ability to put everyone, your kids, including, in a relaxed mode, is unparalleled. Perhaps it’s the waters. But as a place where the family can bond and spend time together, you have to give it to a swimming pool.

The pool is a centerpiece that invites a slew of activities: barbecue, ball games, or just plain swimming. Best of all, you’re not leaving your premises just to get together. You can de-stress with your loved ones all you want anytime.

Staying Healthier than Ever

woman in big hat relaxing on the swimming pool

New pool installations take time, but not too much time. It can go from two weeks to two months, depending on the landscaping components. Then again, the biggest job could be getting that big hole in the backyard. In this case, a reliable excavator for hire should come in handy. Depending on the pool depth and other factors, excavation could take about a week.

Know that you’ll have to get legal permits to get the job done. Before you ask for a permit, make sure you sit down with a pool designer so you can put your plans on paper and present it to the government office.

But all the hassle is worth it. The biggest gift a swimming pool can give you and everyone in the house is physical fitness. And you can’t overemphasise the rewards.

To note, those with existing preconditions such as high blood pressure are most vulnerable to the virus. These people are simply higher-risk individuals, CDC data shows.

With a swimming pool in your backyard, you can swim and do all the cardio you need to boost your heart rate without the inherent danger of high-impact activities such as running. It’s a complete exercise. There’s no need for you to go to the gym to burn calories. You get toned muscles right in your own backyard.

And everybody can get benefit from it. As it’s low-impact, swimming can benefit senior citizens as much as young children. That’s one health oasis for the whole family.

A Timely Investment

Studies show adding a pool to your property can increase its value by as much as 15%. If you’re an investor, that’s telling you profits are definitely worth the risk.

When everyone is mandated to stay indoors for months on end, a swimming pool is a blessing. It can be the catalyst to get you not just to survive the pandemic but also to thrive. And come out of it healthier and happier than ever.

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