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Everyone has their own definition of what makes a fulfilling life. It’s important to find out what makes life feel complete for every individual, particularly because it is so finite and fleeting. If you’ve just lost someone, you know the importance of having a respectful burial service that lays them to rest and pays tribute to the life they’ve lived, as you close the chapter with solemnity and the right service.   It is during these times that people from across their lifetime crop up and come together and remember what was. And as much heartache as death can bring, it mostly leaves many questions for those that are left behind.

You may be wondering at this point, “what can I do in my life?” or “how can I make the most out of my time on this planet?” Well, even though every person is different, there are a few things that could help you figure out your own path and get more out of this vast and colorful existence.

  • Determine what brings you joy

This world has its ups and downs, so you may as well free yourself of the confines put upon you by society. This isn’t to say that you’ll suddenly break the law and have no disregard for others, but it means devoting your energy and time to things that actually make you happy. Just because other people dictate what should be the most rewarding path, the only one who can really choose that for you is you. It doesn’t have to be one big shebang, either.

You can start with little things, like indulging in your hobbies, pursuing the career you’ve really dreamed of, and figuring out what exactly makes you feel happy.

  • Drop the baggage of the past

Although it’s normal to have your fair share of regrets, you need not carry them with you all the time. Too often, having emotional baggage weighs you down, hence its name. Baggage can prevent you from achieving what you want in life, both socially and professionally. It bogs you down and affects your mental health for no good reason, and only ends up making it even heavier. It’s a monster that feeds itself and creates toxic patterns, so one thing to focus on if you want to move forward in life is to drop that baggage.

This may not be a simple task, but it’s one worth devoting some effort into. Take the steps to accept it and slowly move past it, and you’ll feel lighter and freer than ever.

  • Create opportunities for yourself


It’s tempting to curse the world sometimes because of how unfair things can be, and that’s a completely valid thing. But if you want to find fulfillment or success in whatever field you want to accomplish that in, it’s time to make your own opportunities. Follow your passion, invest in yourself, network with other people and related institutions, and continue to grow in your craft.

If opportunity doesn’t come knocking, it’s time to open the door yourself, fully knowing the risks and heartache that it may also bring. If no one knows you’re out there, you’re less likely to get the movement and engagement that you want.

In taking this path, it would do you well to learn from others, know who you can rely on, and build up the courage to get out of your comfort zone. Better to trip and rise again than stand still forever.

  • Expel negativity

It’s too easy to end up wallowing in negative emotions, so it’s important to find healthy ways to expel that and bask in more productive uses of your energy and thoughts. Aside from cutting out any toxic influences and external factors that are contributing to the negativity in your life, it’s important to incorporate practices for your own mind, too.

Acknowledge the negative thoughts and allow yourself to release them and replace them with more empowering thoughts. It may be easier said than done, but you don’t have to go about it alone and it’s a process that will ultimately make you feel more ready to take on all that life has to offer.

  • Channel fear into positive action

All too often, we are hampered by our own fears and hesitations. All this does is lead to “what ifs” that can eat us up throughout our life. Transmit that fear into positive action and you’ll find yourself being able to accomplish more, have productive ways to release your energy, and getting new avenues to explore in your life.

These guidelines apply at any stage of your life, so you shouldn’t ever feel that it’s too late or that you missed your chance.

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