Making the Most Out of Life: Gardening Lessons That You Can Actually Apply in Real Life

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So you recently took up gardening and found it to be a relaxing hobby. You haven’t gotten any luck keeping your first few plants alive. But after a little research and experience, you managed to successfully grow a plant or two. Instead of simply using your newfound knowledge to grow your backyard garden, it is always a good idea to use all your learnings and apply them in real life.

But what gardening lessons are actually worthy of leveraging and how can we apply these to improve our lives?

Nurturing Your Foundation Can Fuel Your Success

When it comes to gardening, you need a good foundation where you can start planting and growing your seeds. But good soil alone is not enough for plants to thrive. Each plant has unique needs and requirements, making it a must that you have the right type of soil and nurture it with the right amount of soil conditioners, mulching products, and other soil mixes to give your plants a great head start.

The same goes when it comes to chasing your passion. Passion alone won’t help you get what you wish for. You also need to have the right skills, garner enough experience, and use these to your advantage.

It does not matter if your goal is to climb the career ladder, start your own startup, or even succeed help another organization to reach its objectives. It takes patience, determination, hard work, willingness to learn, and loving what you do to fuel success. One needs to work hard and make sacrifices before tasting the sweet taste of success.

Remove Weeds in the Garden No Matter How Stubborn They Get

You may have just recently weeded out your garden only to find a few more weeds growing outback. It may be tiresome to keep on weeding. But failure to remove the weeds will only do more harm than good.

In life, weeds can represent numerous things. This can be a toxic friend who always relies on you even if they are perfectly capable of handling things themselves. This can be your fears that are stopping you from pursuing your dream career or even your negativity that kills your relationships.

The moment you start decluttering your life, the lighter your load will be. Decide on the things that matter most and start pulling out weeds that don’t help in making your life easier. Eliminate toxic people, learn to face your fears, and start looking at the positive side of things if you want to change your life for the better.

It is Ok to Want to Be Alone

Gardening is one of those activities you can share with the family or with yourself alone. Sometimes, you will find solace when you work on your own, unbothered by the kids, and minding your own business. You will find it quite satisfying to be inside your own bubble, just tending to your garden and being with nature.

This teaches us that there is nothing wrong with longing for some alone time. We may be social creatures in nature. But that does not mean we no longer need time to relax, recuperate and enjoy our own company.

If you need to take a break from your hectic schedule or some quiet time when the kids won’t bother you, let go of the guilt. Find help and make time for yourself. You need this, you deserve this and you will feel better have more to offer once you find inner peace after some alone time.

Kindness is Free but Extremely Valuable

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They say talking to plants is not only therapeutic to the gardener, but to the plant itself. As it turns out, a study supports the notion that talking to plants has more than just one positive effect. Talking kindly to plants can help them grow faster and better while such an act can help you feel happier.

There’s a reason why doing random acts of kindness and using nice words instead of shouting and being rude makes you feel good. The striatum, an area in our brain responds to generous activities and gives us that warm feeling every time we do a good deed. Choosing to be good and being kind to others can help improve your mood, transform other people’s day and buy yourself some happiness.

Being kind is free of charge but is far more valuable than any material thing you can pay to someone. Instead of only being kind to the people who have something to offer, choose to be kind to everyone, even those in need. Who knows? You might just need their help and support in the future which can greatly impact your future life.

It’s amazing how a simple habit can teach so many life lessons. Sometimes, the best sources of lessons need not be learned from a faraway place. It can also come from the experiences you can get from your own backyard. Make the most out of these lessons by applying them in real life. You feel happier, healthier, and more ready to take on life’s challenges and finally turn your life for the better.

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