Lock Down: Proper Security of Your Company’s Secrets and Files

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In line with maintaining your business’ success, security is one of your company’s important components. Today’s technology is as complex as ever, but that doesn’t guarantee that information and well-regarded trade secrets are safe from those who want to use it against you.

This is a big issue, especially for those companies that handle customer information pertaining to their personal and financial details. Simply put, if your security is compromised, it’s going to be your downfall. To avoid that from happening, you may take the following into consideration.


One of the basics of going in and out of the premises is access. It went from simple IDs to biometrics or even a combination of both. Nowadays, you can see offices and business locations that have integrated security solutions apart from the guard personnel roaming around.

Now, what this does is more than just taking note which goes in and out of the building. Information is stored in the company’s database, recording the employees’ time of arrival and departure with it. Also, many companies nowadays use computers in their main operations for employees to use.

It’s a good idea to have your people set personal passwords and discourage the sharing of information. This will prevent others from using their access to do unnecessary and dangerous activities. A good prank can lighten up the mood here and there, but access cards and passwords shouldn’t be involved.

Surveillance Equipment

CCTV has benefited nearly every place that can afford to have it. It’s not much to say that it helped solve crime and convict felons throughout the world. As our technology advanced, so did the quality of the surveillance equipment to the point that we can see what a person is holding or, in other cases, looking at.

Security reports and system anomalies can be further supported with the use of security cameras as they provide substantial evidence in case someone is charged with fraud or stealing company property, which includes, but is not limited to, computer files and information.

Intrusion Detection System

Data protection

An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a program that warns and prevents infiltration from malicious activities. The use of this application can help avoid unauthorized use of office property or programs such as computers or gadgets.

Simply put, this software can detect anything that goes beyond company policy relating to the private use of the connection in the office. Employing this can also prevent stealing valuable files and avoid leaking information for public use. Of course, there are lines that should be drawn, but as long as everything in operation is legal, you shouldn’t worry.

Time and expenses would be integral in making sure that all your company’s files are secured, but the payoff will be big. There are known instances that business went under because of such thefts and has never recovered. If that gives you anything to think about, it should be that security is more than just installing metal detectors and learning about borderline harassment.

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