Learning the Basics of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

With so many ways to promote your brand online, it can be overwhelming to choose ones that will work best for you. But with the continuous rise of digital advertising, it is no wonder that this type of advertising is effective and can yield positive results.

One popular digital advertising method is through pay-per-click advertising. It is important to know how it works and whether it will work for your business. You can consult digital agencies in Denver that offers digital services such as pay-per-click (PPC) marketing as well as other advertising and promotion methods.

The basics of PPC

As mentioned, PPC or pay-per-click advertising is a popular advertising model in which the user is required to click an online ad to gain more information about it. For every click, the platform’s host will be paid a specified amount, hence the advertising term. However, it is important to understand the dynamics behind PPC advertising.

One of the major objectives of a PPC ad is to entice the user to click the ad and lead them to the brand’s website or social media page. This is where the user can know more information about the said brand and even end up availing its products or services. If used correctly, it can improve a campaign’s ROI, generate sales, and gain a loyal following.

PPC involves three major parties: the advertiser, the PPC platform, which also serves as the middleman, and the publisher. The advertisers are the brands or individuals who use and pay PPC platforms to advertise their goods all over the internet.

Once a user clicks the online advertisement, the PPC network will then charge the advertiser depending on the agreed click fee. Hence the term “pay-per-click,” in which the rate per click may vary from cents to a couple of dollars.

There are many types of PPC advertisements, in which the most popular is the paid search ads. It is usually triggered when a person types a specific keyword, whether in a computer or through their mobile phone. Other types of PPC ads include remarketing and banner ads.

Remarketing is the ad that appears on another website page after you have visited another website prior to that. When you click that advertisement, it will usually lead you back to the website you have previously visited. On the other hand, a banner ad refers to that advertisement that appears on top of the page.

Common elements of a PPC ad

ppc ad

Keywords play an important role in PPC advertising. Keywords may be in the form of queries in which a user enters the type of questions to find the results they need. On the other hand, marketers usually optimize the use of keywords that are relevant to their services and customers’ queries.

You will then create an ad that matches your customer’s needs. It usually includes a headline, description, and URL address. Advertisers also need to set the budget for the PPC campaign. At the same time, advertisers should know how and where to place their advertisements.

These are only some of the things needed in creating an effect PPC campaign. With millions of active websites all over the internet, it is a must to find ways to make yours stand out.

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