Preoccupied: Smart Ways to Keep Yourself Productive in Lockdown

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Lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic has brought various restrictions on what people can do outside of their homes. Workplaces have moved to a remote setup, and students have been forced to study in the comfort of their own homes. But what happens when you’re already finished with your tasks and still have extra time to spare? At this point, most of us are tired of wasting time through boredom and have even run out of ideas on what to do. So here are some smart ways to keep yourself preoccupied and productive during the lockdown.

Pick up a New Hobby

Are you tired of doing the same routine over and over again with work and school and you want to spice things up? Try picking up a hobby! Hobbies are a good way of keeping yourself occupied, and they also give you some stress relief. Most hobbies often come out from your own personal interests. For example, you learn a new instrument because you love music or going to the gym. You could also explore your creativity. Some examples are learning how to edit photos, learning how to animate, or learning how to paint. The possibilities are endless.

Learn a New Skill

Some of us are productivity junkies and would prefer to use our time in wise ways by doing something that can be useful. Learning a new skill outside of work is definitely one way to be productive during the lockdown.

The best part of learning a new skill is that it can become one of your assets in the workplace. You could learn how to program, enroll in an online accounting course, or learn a new language. There is no worry about where to get the resources for these, too, because the Internet has millions of free resources you can use.

Start a Small Business

Thinking about making some extra money as a sideline from your main gig? Starting a small business online during the lockdown can benefit you. People rely on online shopping these days because of the restrictions in place for going out. You can definitely start selling goods and services online such as handmade items, or become a freelancer in the field of your choosing. If you don’t know where to start, you can try observing social media trends on what type of products are trendy. Or your business could be one of your hobbies as well, such as selling commissioned art, jewelry you’ve DIY-ed, designs, and prints. Again, the possibilities are endless.

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Immerse Yourself in Research

Have you ever been so bored that you’ve started to become more skeptical about the things around you even more? Maybe you want to understand certain things better and get educated. Reading scientific articles of your chosen interest can keep you preoccupied while you gain more knowledge. It’s like learning a new skill but in specialized fields. Who knows? You might be so engrossed in a topic that you convince yourself to start writing your own research.

Start your Self-improvement Journey

You can also make use of your extra time through self-improvement. Such as paying attention to your needs mentally, emotionally, and physically. You can do this by setting some time aside for meditating, exercising, or reading self-help books. Self-help books can provide you with tips on how to become a better version of yourself. Keeping a journal on your thoughts can also help build some self-awareness and grounding.

Renovate Your Workspace

Since you are now working in your home all the time, because of lockdown, it is worth investing in a cozy and conducive living and working space. Renovating or customizing your workspace can do wonders with your productivity levels. A change in environment can motivate you to churn in more work, and it also helps you feel refreshed. Maintaining a work-life balance at home is already hard as it is. Renovating your space can aid you in keeping that balance.

Life is too short to be doing nothing all the time. While resting and taking a break are okay, doing them all the time will affect us as well. Lockdown has changed the way we live our everyday lives. But still, we have to find ways to spend the extra time we have on doing meaningful things. But you have to remember that productivity sometimes isn’t all about doing work or something academic. Productivity can also be in the form of self-care and a hint of fun. So try not to pressure yourself and just enjoy the spare time you have in your hands while it lasts.

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