For Your Biz: Drafting Your Customer Experience Strategy

customer experience

Your customers are undeniably your business’ lifeline. And keeping them and turning them into loyal partners should be a priority. However, many business people look at their customers through a very transactional lens. This is one mindset that you should do away with; you should look at your customers with an intent to build a long-term relationship with them.

The principles of building a strong customer relationship apply to all types of business — whether you’re running a clinical practice or you’re planning to expand your hydraulic business opportunity. You will need to come up with a comprehensive customer experience strategy. Below are some of the things you may want to keep in mind:

Know the quirks of your customers

To give exceptional services to your customers, you should be able to identify their needs, wants, and quirks. The insights you will get from observation will allow you to create programs and marketing messages that will resonate well with them. Once you have an idea of how your customers operate, you may create personas or profiles. Categorizing your customers will help you draft messages and create product bundles that suit that specific customer group. Just remember, though, that this activity needs comprehensive research and data capture strategy.


Get their feedback

It would be best if you got your customers’ feedback so that you will have an idea of what you need to improve and retain. Customers are often candid, so you will surely get their honest perception of your business and their level of satisfaction with your service. You can conduct a focus group discussion if you have the luxury of time. However, you always have the option to conduct surveys, both in online and offline settings. Some methods will also allow you to capture data in real-time, such as live chat tools and emails.

Train your team

Your customer service team should be more than equipped when it comes to dealing with customers. As such, they should have training that will allow them to navigate different issues and situations that involve the clients. For one, you can train them how to respond to customers who are irate and having tantrums. Similarly, you can have a program where your customer service staff can learn how to persuade prospective customers and turn new ones into loyal and paying clients.

Create a loyalty program

Because you’re looking to build a long-standing relationship with your customers, you need to come up with a loyalty program. Those who are part of the program may get exclusive deals and discounts from your business. This is one effective way of ensuring that your long-time customers will not switch to your competitors.

Take one step at a time

Truth be told, managing your customers can be a tall order. They are always on the lookout for great deals and new items that interest them. However, you need to make it clear to them that you are a brand that always stays by their side — that your business is someone that they can always rely on.

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