Email Marketing: Creating a Mailing List and Earning a Place in Your Audience’s Inbox

email marketing

Email is one of the oldest forms of electronic communication, allowing people worldwide to send messages to each other. Compared to traditional mail, email sends the message within seconds.

Although email remains an essential mode of communication, not many people pay attention to every message they receive. According to Campaign Monitor, an average person receives 121 emails every day. An email promoting the benefits of a product may get lost within the deluge of other messages.

However, email marketing remains an essential part of a digital marketing campaign. With the rights strategies, you can bring in potential customers, develop relationships, and lead them to convert.

Why Is Creating an Email List Essential?

Increasing social media use may cause marketers to focus less on email marketing. However, email marketing remains extremely valuable to a business. According to a 2019 report by the Data & Marketing Association, organizations earn $42 for every dollar they spend on email marketing.

Email is an intimate form of electronic communication. When someone continues to opt in your mailing list, it is a sign that they want to keep in touch for the long term. This connection allows you to improve relationships with your target audience, increase conversions, and improve customer retention.

Creating and Growing Your Email List

An effective email list is one your target audience opts in because they want to receive updates about your business, products, or services.

However, earning a place in your potential customer’s inbox takes time and effort. Your team might need help from a digital marketing agency to create a strategy that works.

Here are a few strategies to help you build and develop your email list:


Promote the email list on your website

Work with your web developers to determine the best place to add an email sign-up box on your website. Several sites usually place it on the footer, while others add it as a pop-up. If you can’t make up your mind, run an A/B test to determine which version brings you more subscribers.

Incentivize your target audience

Your target audience won’t sign up for your mailing list unless they receive something in return. Reward them for subscribing by offering a discount or a special gift. Another effective strategy is by asking them to sign up to your mailing list before downloading an ebook or another resource.

Create high-value content

Prove your relevance to your target audience by creating high-quality content. Whether it’s a blog post or an ebook, make sure your content answers a problem your audience is trying to solve. With compelling and relevant content, it is easier for them to hand over their email addresses.

Make your opt-in forms short

Opt-in forms are forms used to gather information about your subscribers. They usually ask for the user’s name, email address, and other details that are relevant to your marketing.

It’s tempting to gather as much info about your prospects as possible. However, the more fields you place in your form, the less inclined they are to finish it and opt into your mailing list.

Email may be one of the oldest forms of electronic communication, but it still works in attracting and retaining your potential customers. With these tips, you can build an email list and promote it effectively to your target audience.

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