Dispelling Some Myths About Bail Bonds

bail bonds concept

When your friend or a family member has been arrested, you might find yourself scrambling to post bail. Since an arrest is usually unexpected, you might not be able to raise the full bail bond amount. As such, some people in Salisbury opt for bail bond agents to help them. The bail bond sector is among the industries that most people rarely talk about or understand. You will probably get confused due to a lack of knowledge.

Every sector has misunderstandings or myths, and bail bonds are not different. You have probably heard one or two tales that have discouraged you from talking to a bail bond agent when you need help. The good news is that these myths are far from the truth, and they should not deter you from seeking freedom for your loved one. To assist you in understanding bail bonds better than before, here is a look at some common myths:

Bail Bond Agents Only Accept Cash Payments

This is one of the most common myths. The truth is that most bail bonds agents accept other forms of payments besides cash. Most people have a misconception that they have to raise the full bail bond amount in cash. On the contrary, you can pay bail using other methods. Most bail bond agents accept collateral, and you can pay the amount using credit cards.

Bail Is Similar to a Bail Bond

Several people have been caught up in this misconception. The truth is that bail is not the same as a bail bond. When the court releases you after an arrest, it determines the bail cost or the amount you should pay for release. When you pay the full bail amount, you get a refund after appearing for your court date. However, when you are unable to raise the bail amount, you require a bail bond. You will not get a refund of the bail bond because the amount is paid to the agent that posts bail on your behalf.

Only a Family Member Can Bail You

bail bond concept

In reality, you can bail yourself out as long as you are over 18 years old. Also, a friend or workmate can post a bond on your behalf, and not necessarily a family member. But if you post a bond for another person and the individual fails to make court appearances, your bond is lost and forfeited.

Bail Bondsmen Can Negotiate Bail Amount

This is among the most widespread bail bond myths. The truth is that a bail bond agent cannot negotiate with the court the bail amount. The judge determines the bail cost based on some factors, like the nature of the crime, your job status, and your history. Also, the decision is made in the absence of bail bond agents. Thus, they no say about the amount.

You can talk to a bail bond agent if your friend or a family member needs a bail bond. However, do not let these myths dictate your decisions. You can confidently make an informed decision or know what you are getting into after dispelling the misconceptions.

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