CompTIA Network Plus Exam: What Will It Cover?

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Most employers who are looking for professionals to join the team of networking experts require you to have at least one entry-level networking certification. One of the most common is the CompTIA Network Plus N10-007. This certification validates your knowledge of basic configuring, managing, and troubleshooting wired and wireless computer networks. Thus, if that job position you are aiming for requires that you have this certification, it is time you began taking practice tests for the CompTIA Network Plus N10-007 certification to prepare for the final examination.

Well, you can enroll in this exam right off college. However, most CompTIA exam centers recommend that you have about a year’s experience performing field networking tasks. This will give you a grasp of the particular networking elements that you will interact with in the actual field.

What exactly does the Networking Plus N10-007 examination cover?

Your CompTIA Networking N10-007 examination will include all networking technologies that network solutions vendors use. However, as you might have noticed, these technologies have been changing quite often over the years. The networking solutions that most institutions used barely a decade ago are now obsolete. Using such solutions predisposes the network to security breaches. Such outdated networks also add ineffectiveness to the system as they hardly integrate upgraded networking devices.

Your CompTIA Networking Plus exam will cover each of these issues. It will also address the sequence to use to ensure that you always have a highly efficient computer network. Moreover, the exam comes from an ever-changing syllabus. Therefore, always confirm that even the practice tests that you are using cover the recent computer network technologies. Every exam question focuses on networking tools for and concepts on modern network infrastructure, security, and troubleshooting. However, it is crucial that you also understand the models from which modern networking solutions stem.

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Are the exams practical?

Yes, but they also can be theoretical. Therefore, be sure to inquire from your test center the format in which your CompTIA Networking Plus examination will come. Theoretical CompTIA exams are not that different from the practical ones. For the latter, it is best that you have sufficient technical expertise to understand cloud computing best practices and basic service models. Practical exams will also test your ability to implement critical network security hardware and utilize different networking concepts and virtualization procedures. However, both practical and theoretical CompTIA Networking Plus examinations will test your skills in network resilience.

Regardless of whether you are sitting for a practical or theoretical Networking Plus N10-007 examination, prepare well. Your preparation must include confirming the exact dates when you will be sitting for the examination. Also, confirm that you have enrolled in a CompTIA-authorized test center. Make sure to clear the fees in the stipulated time to avoid exam cancellation. If you have any trouble registering for your exam, contact your testing center to reschedule your registration date. For people with disabilities, CompTIA has a provision for special accommodations, which you can apply to reschedule. However, even with that, the organization requires that you contact your test center a couple of days before your exam appointment to make the necessary arrangements.

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