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The Union Square Awards are named for the park on 14th Street, a historic gathering place, where since the nineteenth century New Yorkers have organized and spoken out about major social issues. Known as a forum for the poor and disenfranchised, Union Square is identified with strong commitments and highlights the essential qualities embodied in the Award.

The Union Square Awards was established by an anonymous donor in 1998 to support grassroots activism in New York City. His vision was to bring attention and recognition to emerging organizations that address social justice issues by mobilizing New Yorkers to take action. He believed that their efforts build local neighborhoods, contribute to the vitality of the City, and serve as an inspiration to others.

Today, the Union Square Awards continues to advance the donor’s dream and commitment to social justice through the generosity of the Jewish Communal Fund of the Union Square Fund, Inc.

UPDATE: Union Square Fund Board announces phase-out by December 2014.


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