Ways of Developing Strong Marketing Strategies for Business Success

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Developing marketing strategies for your company is a process that involves detailed research such as market analysis, competitor analysis, and company analysis. Knowledge of your target customers and their needs is vital. Moreover, strategies for meeting such needs should be put in place with the competitors in mind. Effective marketing strategies, therefore, outline a company’s short-term and long-term plans relating to finding new customers and clients.


Product promotion enables a company to communicate its product features and benefits to potential customers. It includes personal selling, advertisement, and public relations. There are reliable advertising firms in Melbourne that companies may hire to manage their advertising campaigns. Advertising consists of communication methods such as print media, radio commercials, Internet, and television advertisements. The business pays for the publication or airing of advertisements.

But public relations are a mode of communication that are not paid for typically. They include sponsorship deals, conferences, seminars, and exhibitions. Personal selling involves the use of a sales team that interacts with the target customers one-on-one. The best promotional tool should be adopted for your product.


Your products’ physical properties should be unique. Besides, they should meet the customers’ needs and desires. Functionally, they should perform their intended purpose effectively as expected. Your products should offer more benefits than your competitors’. Added benefits and product value give your business a competitive edge over your competitors. Every product undergoes a life cycle that is made up of the introduction, growth, maturity, and decline phases.

Marketers should carry out product reinvention to stimulate demand for the product once it reaches the decline phase. They should also create a perfect product mix by diversifying into a wide range of products. Selling a variety of products reduces a company’s dependence on one product. Depending on one product can lead to business closure if the demand for the product ends. Besides, selling a variety of products helps a business increase its sales and profits potential. Developing a superior product, the right market mix, and product reinvention go a long way in promoting business success.


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The price of a product is the amount that customers are willing to pay for it. It is an important factor to consider during marketing because it affects the demand and sales of your product. One should examine the prices of competitor products and price theirs accordingly. A price that is lower than your competitors’ products gives a perception to customers that your goods are inferior. On the other hand, a higher price will make the cost of the product outweigh its benefits in the customer’s view. In such a case, the customer values their money over your product.

But the price of your product should be higher than the cost of production to avoid operating in losses. Marketers should also consider the perceived value of the product when setting the price. Pricing strategies such as neutral pricing, market-skimming pricing, and market penetration pricing should be adopted. Pricing is important because it determines the company’s profit margins and survival.

Developing effective marketing strategies involves making key decisions on pricing, the products, and promotion. Every strategy should support the company’s overall strategy. It should also translate into profits for the business. Marketers should, therefore, be creative and proactive in their decision-making.

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