Traveling to Egypt – The Best Places To Go For a History Tour

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Egypt is a must-travel destination for history buffs or anyone who can appreciate a well-preserved culture from a bygone era. The country’s 7000-year-old culture is something that many can’t help but be curious about — attracting thousands of scholars, archaeologists, and explorers for years.

Some people like to bring some elements of Egyptian design into their homes. Besides antiques or Egypt-inspired decor, you can have your garage door installed, repaired, or repainted with bold gold, bronze, and blue colors.

This way you can enjoy the feel of Egypt while you plan your actual trip and explore the wonders and mysteries of this historic place.


Luxor is divided by the world-renowned Nile River. It’s known as the city of the living on the East Bank and the city of the dead on the West Bank. The gorgeous city is known for its rich historical sites, including the Luxor Museum to the legendary Valley of the kings and queens.

Here are some of the best places to go for a history tour in Luxor’s East and West Banks:

  • East Bank — In Luxor’s city of the living, one of the most iconic attractions you should never miss visiting is the Karnak temple. It’s the largest ancient religious temple worldwide, taking 2000 years to be built with most of its structure done by the New kingdom’s Pharaohs.
  • West Bank — In Luxor’s city of the dead, you’ll find the iconic Valleys of the Kings and Queens, giving you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the glorious past. Another attraction is the temple of Medinet Habu, a funeral temple dedicated to Ramses III.

Luxor is a crucial part of most Egyptian itineraries, famously known as the world’s biggest open-air museum, harboring many of Egypt’s historical and astonishing monuments.



Cairo is Egypt’s capital and home to many ancient sites, making it an excellent destination for history tours. In the heart of the current UNESCO status, the city lies in the Islamic world’s prehistoric center. The city has drawn in pilgrims from across the globe, boasting old-age mosques, religious schools, and bathhouses that have remained untouched since the 10th century, making it a must-visit for any history buff. The most popular place to visit when in Cairo is the Giza Necropolis, one of Egypt’s most famous sites, where you’ll find the world-renowned Great Sphinx of Giza and Great Pyramid of Giza.

Another historical attraction for history buffs is the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, housing an impressive collection of ancient Egyptian memorabilia. It has over 120,000 antiquities.


Alexandria is a city near Cairo and features several historical sites worth visiting, giving you a quick history-rich trip. Plus, it’s only three hours away from Egypt’s capital, making it more convenient for you. A must-visit in the city is the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, home to several museums that gives you a broad view of Egypt, from antiquities, manuscript, to a museum solely dedicated to late president Sadat.

Another place you can add to your history tour in Alexandria is the Roman amphitheater, allowing you to experience the city’s ancient scientists’ advanced physics knowledge firsthand.

Egypt is the proud home of the ancient Pharaohs, boasting stunning historical destinations of tombs, temples, and museums that any history buff would love. If you’ve marked Egypt as your next vacation destination, make sure to visit the historical places mentioned to get the most out of your trip — marveling in historical Egyptian treasures and culture.

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