Top Seven Reasons People Unfollow Your Business on Social Media

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It’s hard to realize that even after years of trying to figure out what to post on social media, people are still unfollowing you. Sure, you gain some momentum with your target market. But almost as soon as you do, some of your older followers will unfollow you. Was it something you said or didn’t say? Did you post something to offend them? You look at your feed and can find nothing there.

You might never know the reason people unfollow you on social media. Sometimes, it’s about the littlest thing. Many times, it might not even be about you. But to understand more where your followers are coming from, you need to put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if you were the one reading and seeing your own posts? From the perspective of your target market, are the posts helpful

This is why companies employ the services of a digital marketing agency. They are experts in figuring out what your followers want to see and hear from you. They know how to get this information through formal and informal surveys, email marketing, customer reviews, and many more.

1. Lack of Engagement

Are you in the habit of responding to your followers’ comments? If someone asks you a question, do you respond immediately? Lack of engagement is one of the primary reasons people want to unfollow your brand. If they tag you on social media, make it a point to like or comment on that tag or post.

2. Emotional Posts

Are you always too happy or too sad on social media? Does your brand post about constantly gloomy things? While not all days are bright and sunny, nobody likes to see overly emotional posts, too, especially from brands that they support. They might even question the quality of the products and services you deliver because it seems like you can’t handle things very well.

3. Fishing for Compliments

Sometimes, your users feel trapped because your posts are always fishing for compliments. Remember that this is not your personal social media account. Remain friendly but professional in your posts. It isn’t that pleasant when it feels like your followers are required to give positive comments on every post you make. Stop yourself from posting this kind of content.

4. Flooding the Feed

How many times do you post in a day? 10? 20? Flooding their news feed with your posts never bode well for brands. You are only giving them more reason to unfollow you. A couple of posts per day are enough to remind them of what you do and provide. The exception, of course, is when you have to post about new products. As a general rule, stick to a maximum of five posts a day.

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5. Inconsistent Posting

Too many posts are one reason for people to unfollow your brand. Inconsistent posting is another reason. There might be a time when you want to post daily; there are days when you won’t even post a single piece of content. But if your followers are already used to seeing you post every day, not doing it consistently might make them want to unfollow you.

6. Contests

As a brand yourself, you cannot market for other brands. While it’s okay to support their brands, it is not okay for you to use your company’s social media pages to promote them. If you want to join social media contests that ask you to repost their content, do so with your personal profile. Seeing the same posts over and over on their news feed might force some of your followers to hit that unfollow button.

7. Poor-quality Photos

Poor-quality photos and videos are a no-no. Whether they are blurry or grainy, they do one thing for your social media page: they make it look cheap. Remember that your followers will judge your products and services based on what they see on your posts. If the photos are unflattering, then there’s a good chance they might just unfollow you, as they no longer want to be associated with your brand.

Being careful with what you post is a necessary attitude to becoming a successful social media brand. You also need the help of expert digital marketers to know what kind of content your audience hopes to see. While there is no formula to success on social media (changes happen so fast), being intentional with your posts and how they relate to your followers will go a long way toward generating more and retaining the ones already on your list.

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