The Undersea Power Cable: Connecting Singapore and Australia

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Undersea power and fiber Internet cable connections are engineering feats that have contributed significantly to the interconnectedness of the world. These feats also pushed man’s engineering ability further ahead. In recent events, they are linking power across the vast oceans, particularly an undersea power cable to Singapore from Australia.

How Do They Do It: Undersea Cables

When talking about undersea cables, the first thing that might come to mind is the giant optic fiber cables that carry data. These fiber optic cables are giant undersea cables that interconnect continents to the Internet. However, in this particular case, the submarine cables will bring in electricity.

Also known as submarine power cables or interconnectors, these cables carry high voltage current across large bodies of water. For electrical engineering enthusiasts, the principles and concepts involving the logistics of how these undersea cables are easy to understand. However, for the uninitiated, these can seem rocket science.

The Logistics: Finding the Right Contractor

Several contractors primarily handle all the logistics involved in laying undersea cables to make the “rocket science” as simple as 1-2-3. Some many so-called stockists and distributors supply the cables for those who are in various power sectors, including oil, petroleum, and other marine industrial projects.

Most of these entities and contractors pride themselves with a high level of inventory and other logistical services. It is better to find a contractor that has various warehouse hubs. Some of the strategic places include Singapore, which is located in the heart of the Asia Pacific region. While it is better to have a good number of stock cables, it is also best to have various warehouse facilities that will store power cables and other materials in case of any eventualities.

The process of procurement should also be a breeze, and the right contractor must be a “one-stop-shop,” which will not only provide logistics but also after-sales support, technical support, project administration, and finance management.

Another Engineering Feat: The Australia-Singapore Power Cable Link

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With the almost nightmare logistics involved in laying marine undersea power cables, another engineering marvel has been proposed and subsequently approved — an approximately 20 billion dollar-plan to create an Australia Singapore power cable link. The link is expected to transmit solar power from Australia through a submarine power cable that will run through the Indonesian territory to Singapore.

The plan is expected to jumpstart the export industry for renewable energy, particularly solar power. Apart from initiating a 20-billion dollar income for Australia, the Australian-Singapore power cable link is expected to attract attention from investors who advocate the use of renewable energy sources, thereby making the country the focal point of non-harmful energy.

Although in the early stages of development, the power link will ensure Australia’s energy export industry compliant with the environmental commitment in the Paris Climate Accords. The country can use this ambitious plan as an opportunity to lessen its emissions that contribute to the worsening of the worldwide climate crisis. Apart from the beneficial environmental impact, the project will generate thousands of jobs.

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