The Best Ways to Survive a Lonely Road Trip


Long-distance road trips can either be an exciting adventure or a boring trip. This is why many of us dread having to drive long distances alone. For one, it can be a bit lonely if you are going to travel many miles without anyone to talk to. One can feel the stress that comes with driving and not having another person to share the drive with.

So how can one cope with having to endure a lonely drive? Here are some preparation tips that can help you keep your sanity and enjoy a long and safe drive:

Take time to plan your trip well

Knowing where you’re headed, which best route to take and where the rest stops are are not enough. Take your time planning everything to ensure that you get to avoid future hassles. Take your vehicle for a routine car check and maintenance and make sure to let your mechanic know that you’re prepping your car for a long-distance drive. Don’t skimp on necessary maintenance, as this can make a huge difference in your comfort and safety.

Set a limit as to the maximum amount of hours you can drive. Map out rest areas and truck stops. It will be much better if you can stop at truck stops, as you can usually find the things you need in there. There are restrooms, places to eat, and even auto supplies. You’ll feel much safer by stopping in an area that is not isolated, like truck stops. Don’t forget to pack your essentials such as a pair of comfy shoes, at least two days’ worth of food and drinks, a change of clothes, along with your survival kit.

Choose activities to keep your boredom at bay

turning on the radio

Boredom can lead to unfortunate vehicular accidents. If a driver feels bored, there are usually two things that can happen. One, they may feel hurried, so they will try to compensate by driving faster. Two, bored drivers can get sleepy. Failure to ease their boredom combined with a lack of sleep can lead to tragic accidents. So one way to prepare for a long drive is to think of activities that you can do to avoid getting bored while driving.

You can choose to listen to music, a podcast, or an audiobook on your new car stereo in Utah. Create a playlist before the trip so that you can easily play music or tune in to your favorite radio station. Comedy CDs and humorous books are a good way to keep you entertained on long drives. If you feel sleepy, take quick stops, stretch, go for a quick snack, or take a nap.

Unplug while driving

One of the top causes of car accidents is distracted driving. And the most common reason drivers get distracted is their use of smartphones and other gadgets. Taking calls and texting should be a big no-no; taking your eyes off the road can lead to an accident. It is best to simply choose to unplug. You can choose to stop when answering a call. This way, you’re not putting yourself and other people on the road at risk.

These are some of the best ways you can improve your safety and keep your sanity while out on a long drive. Prepare yourself and your car for the long drive. You’ll have better chances of reaching your destination safe and sound.

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