Modern Inventions That Can Boost Productivity From Home

Working from home

2020 has seen the entire world facing a pandemic. We are forced to lock ourselves in the confines of our own homes, not only for our safety but also for others’. That has resulted in the outside world becoming a near barren wasteland empty streets, shops, classrooms, and halted businesses.

It’s only a matter of time before these become our new norm.

In light of this, everything seems to have come to a standstill. Throughout the uncertainties, life still goes on. We’re encouraged to proceed like normal. People in the past wouldn’t have been able to do so, but we’re fortunate in that we have countless modern inventions that allow us to go on with our lives even when we can’t go outside.

Here are a few examples of such inventions.

Online Classes

Ignorance is dangerous, especially when it comes to the hard sciences. That is why it’s essential that we remain informed and educated during these tough times, lest we want to become hazards to ourselves and the people around us. In different parts of the world, even the Philippines, students can proceed with their education, thanks to online classes.

The format of online classes is dependent on what institution the student has enrolled in. Some benefits of online education are universal, though, such as a comfortable learning environment, flexible schedules, lower costs with fewer debts, refined critical thinking skills, and improved visual communication and collaboration.

Not to mention that students can focus on improving other skills and hobbies as well while they’re studying at home.

Productivity Apps

It’s business as usual for some career people, regardless of the illness plaguing the world. Now, those who aren’t frontliners can proceed with their jobs on a WFH (work from home) arrangement, something made possible by the numerous productivity applications that have been developed in recent times.

A prime example of which is GSuite, which has made collaboration possible over the Internet. Private companies are also known to develop their own websites that make working together possible.

Do you need to hold a meeting with more than one person? Well, there are also Skype, Zoom, and others that push the boundaries of communications. We won’t need to restrict ourselves to email, chat, or voice calls these days. Not to mention, these applications allow us to give presentations alongside regular meetings.

WorkingDelivery Services

Panic buying may not be encouraged. But none of us can deny that we want to keep our shelves well-stocked, especially when we’re not quite sure when things will settle down.

Those of us who didn’t get the chance to purchase groceries and other necessities before lockdowns and quarantine were implemented have no reason to fret. A quick search online will lead us to programs that allow us to get in contact with riders who can bring said items to our homes.

Aside from takeout and groceries, other items can now be delivered as well. It all depends on the company that we choose to patronize.

With that, it’s perfectly understandable if our productivity isn’t up to par with what it was before the disease wreaked havoc on the world. Still, we mustn’t be too hard on ourselves. During these tough times, all we can do is look at the bright side, try to continue, and stay safe indoors.

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