Media Success: Traits of a Winning Press Release


If there’s one marketing method that’s great for both digital and traditional media, it’s the press release. It stood the test of time because it continues to convey authority, as it provides statements that come directly from your company. Bonus points if you got it published on a reputable news outlet A press release is also easy to read for everyone, as they get to know who, what, where, when, and how of a story in just a few sentences. It’s n overall great way to get your company’s truth out in the open.

However, not every media outlet is willing to take any press release and run it, especially if your company is still relatively new. Here are the characteristics of a publish-worthy press release.

A Newsworthy Angle

Remember, press releases are often published in news outlets, whether they operate online or in print. As such, journalists are looking for truth that’s fresh and captures their readers’ attention. Featuring a product that you’ve been offering for years now doesn’t deserve an article. Create press releases only when there’s something newsworthy happening for your company. These include launches of new products or services, rebranding efforts, corporate social responsibility efforts, and others.

Built for Digital

A lot of media companies also post press releases as articles on their website. That gives you the chance to execute some digital marketing techniques to get users to your site. Ask your media and public relations service provider to make articles search engine-friendly by clearly stating your product or service and location. This way, the article appears on your customers’ Google results when they search for your offerings. The link mentions of your products and brand to your website, so readers know where to go next if they’re interested in what you offer. With a digital-ready press release, you’ll get better brand awareness and website traffic in one article.

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Inform First, Promote Later

Everyone knows that a press release is a promotional material. However, this doesn’t give you a free pass to hard sell. When journalists and readers aren’t looking for a sales pitch, they’re in it for information. Always write from a reporter’s perspective. Instead of saying, “Company X now offers shampoo that prevents dandruff,” write “Company X now offers shampoo that it claims is effective in preventing dandruff.” Leave the promotional language to your company’s blogs, guest posts, and social media content.

Short, Sweet, and Traditional

Your press release is a piece of news. As such, it should be as concise as possible. Only discuss information that’s relevant and important to your event. Discuss the five Ws and one H in the first few lines. Supplement this information with supporting details in the body. If possible, end the conclusion with a memorable quote from one of your speakers. Write all these in under 300 to 400 words so that customers don’t get fatigued reading your article.

A press release is a great way to get your brand recognized and trusted by customers. If you want to catch the attention of journalists and readers alike, consider these suggestions for your next draft. With a newsworthy, informative, digital-ready, and concise press release, you’re sure to generate buzz for your brand.

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