Improve Your Calls-to-Action with These Hacks

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Are you trying to boost your conversion rate? One of the things you might want to do is improve the calls-to-action of your websites. This part of your site elicits the response and action of a visitor. Its effectiveness has a positive effect on your conversion rate as it directs a user towards what you want them to do.

PPC experts from Worcester cite the following ways to improve your websites’ call-to-action.

Begin with a Command Verb

The call-to-action must be precise and concise; you only get to use just over 30 characters to make your pitch. Let your target market know the action you want them to take. Command verbs allow you to achieve this; the words “shop,” “buy,” “sign-up,” “download,” and others elicit a definite action from those that read it. Time indicators such as “today” and “now” show that a person can immediately access purchase whatever it is you are offering.

Words that Elicit Emotions

Words are a powerful tool that moves people and drives their actions. You want your potential customers to feel something when they read your content and call-to-action. The response you want is enthusiasm about whatever it is you provide. Frame your CTA by providing a benefit such as a discount or a possible experience they may have when they choose your brand. The use of an exclamation point will give your CTA an emotional kick and a sense of urgency.

Fear of Missing Out

FOMO or fear of missing out is a strong feeling that a lot of people feel because of the influence of social media and the internet. There is always a sense of immediacy because one click or like can boost a person’s ego and the feeling they might not get another chance will drive a person to act. Create a sense of urgency by making a promotion time-bound and limited. Limited edition products or services may convince a potential customer to make a purchase. A sale that ends in 24 hours or in three days will elicit the same feeling and response.

Leverage Numbers

Studies, percentages, and all sorts of numbers that back up your claims make your brand appear authoritative. This perception of authority increases the possibility of a click and then a conversion. Use the right tone and language to elicit the response you want within 30 or more characters. Other than this, using numbers such as pricing will also improve your CTA. Including the price will filter visitors until the ones who are likely to purchase click. It also strikes the fear of missing out of many users. An item substantially discounted will make them think about buying it.

Match the Call-to-Action with Your Audience

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A targeted approach will boost conversion rate compared to a general sales pitch. For example, a parent will respond differently to an ad and CTA. Use the appropriate language and emotional cues to get the results you want.

These techniques will improve your calls-to-action and elicit the responses you want from users. Implement these and find out if they work for your company.

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