Entering 2021 With Big Plans: Making Your Business Ready

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If your company survived COVID-19, then 2021 surely has many promising things in store for you. Aside from the vaccine, you’ve already adjusted by now to the work-from-home setup, allowing you to keep it for longer. That way, you can save money on rent, utilities, and other operating expenses until next year.

And of course, 2021 is just a glimmer of hope for everyone. With the vaccines now available, we can expect things to return to normal soon. We can hold corporate events again without fear of spreading disease. But most importantly, your business can start anew and set new goals again, with all the lessons you’ve learned in 2020 applied.

But since the pandemic has caused anxiety and stress in many people, the members of your organization are probably feeling a little less excited for the new year. After all, they also celebrated 2020 with a blast, and look what happened.

So here’s how to reach your business goals in 2021, with the help of motivated and inspired employees:

1. Make a SWOT Analysis

Before outlining your goals, consider making a SWOT analysis of your business first. It will give you a clearer picture of where your business is falling flat, and where it is thriving. When you discover the areas that need improvement, you can set goals geared toward those improvements, while further strengthening the areas that your business excels at.

2. Be Very Specific

Don’t just list down “Increase Sales” in your plans. Outline the fine points, the particulars, and every single detail that will lead to an increase in your sales. This will create a roadmap for your goal. It outlines every phase of reaching a goal so that you can track your progress and your course.

3. Stay Committed

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Once your goals are already set, stick to them. Don’t second-guess them or give up on them along the way. If they seem unrealistic or impossible to achieve because of specific circumstances (e.g. COVID-19), you can always adjust them, but don’t change them when there is no urgent need to.

Determining if your goal is attainable is another reason to create a roadmap. When you can tick off each phase toward the goal, then that’s a clear sign that you’re staying in course.

4. Set Strict Deadlines

Every successful business is probably setting deadlines already, but if you’re a startup, holding yourself accountable may not be your forte yet. It’s the reason you experience delays, or go off-course when reaching a goal.

Leave this mistake behind in 2020, and learn to set strict deadlines for your goals from now on. Again, be specific on the deadline; don’t just say “by summer” or “by year-end”. Jot down a specific date, and hold yourself accountable when the goal isn’t accomplished by then.

5. Motivate Your Employees

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of your most valuable resource. Your employees.

Motivation is the most critical emotion employees bring to work, says Jon Gordon, author “Soup: A Recipe to Nourish Your Team and Culture.” Without it, they won’t be driven to help you reach your goals, or to even work for your organization.

Aside from your kind words, your behavior also matters highly to your employees. If you act pompous or establish yourself as an authoritarian, your staff will just be intimidated instead of motivated by you. Therefore, show that you’re really a part of the organization by lending a helping hand, and making yourself available for work-related or personal discussions.

If you’re having issues with leadership, get coached by experts at miick.com or any other reputable coaching company sites. They’ll bring out the best in you and your organization.

2020 may be a tough year, but that’s not a reason to be pessimistic for 2021. Focus on improving your business and continue making plans, and you can survive any crisis, emerging stronger.

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